Irene McCormack

Who is Irene McCormack Remembered formissionary work in Peru with a Sisters of St. Joseph of a Sacred Heart, McCormack was murdered by members of a Peruvian Communist guerrilla group. Early Beginnings After becoming a member of a Sisters of St. Joseph at age nineteen, s had a three-decade teaching profession innative Australia. beganPeruvian missionary … Read more

Johnny Appleseed

Who is Johnny Appleseed Born John Chapman, but better known as Johnny Appleseed, planted apple trees across a American frontier as a missionary for New Church. Contrary to popular belief, did not spread seeds at random, but planted nurseries of sour apple trees for settlers to make hard cider.  Early Beginnings His work as an … Read more

Nate Norell

Who is Nate Norell Dominicano social media star whose missionary travels and posts from film school in Los Angeles gained him significant folloattaings on Instagram and YouTube.  Early Beginnings His first Instagram post was on February 3, 2013, and was a photo him and a friend both wearing batman shirts. caption read “OK, who is a … Read more

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