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Kris Krohn

About Kris Krohn

Entrepreneur, real estate investor and influencer whose messages empower the public to improve their wealth and health. He shares investment tips and tricks on his Limitless TV YouTube channel for more than 500,000 subscribers.

Early life

He began working as a personal mentor and motivational speaker.


He authored the best-selling books Limitless, Conscious Creator and The Strait Path to Real Estate Wealth.

Family of Kris Krohn

He and his wife Kalenn have 4 children.

Close associates of Kris Krohn

Reggie Dabbs and Tony Robbins are others who have had successful careers as public speakers.

Christian Wilson

About Christian Wilson

Social media star and motivational speaker who is cofounder of the faith-centered Anthem Of Hope. The mental health organization is dedicated to helping those battling depression, anxiety, and addiction. 

Early life

He launched his Instagram account in February 2016. 


He is a surfer. He has accumulated over 110,000 followers on his christianjohnw Instagram account.

Family of Christian Wilson

His nephews have appeared on his Instagram account. He dated model Lexi Hensler.

Close associates of Christian Wilson

In January 2020, he uploaded an Instagram photo with Ember Johnson, Lexi Hensler, and Andre Nguyen.

Yusef Salaam

About Yusef Salaam

Motivational speaker and activist who is best recognized for having been one of the Central Park Five. In 1990, he was wrongfully convicted for the rape and assault of Trisha Meili. He went on to be exonerated in 2002 and his story was told in the 2019 series When They See Us. 

Early life

He was only 15 years of age when the incident in Central Park occurred.


He has given speeches at Amherst College and the National Conference for Race & Ethnicity in American Higher Education.

Family of Yusef Salaam

He was born in the United States.

Close associates of Yusef Salaam

His story has been covered by both Ken Burns and Ava DuVernay. 

Tony Robbins

About Tony Robbins

Motivational speaker and author of Awaken the Giant Within. His popular four-day seminar, Unleash The Power Within, includes an exercise in which audience members take their shoes off and walk over a bed of hot coals.

Early life

He attended Southern California s Glendora High School. In his twenties, he lived in a small, low-rent apartment in Los Angeles and dreamed of owning a mansion. He accomplished this goal in 1984 when he bought the Del Mar Castle.


He began his career as a motivational speaker by promoting seminars for Jim Rohn.

Family of Tony Robbins

He married his first wife, Becky Robbins, after having a child with his former girlfriend, Liz Acosta. His second marriage was to Bonnie Humphrey.

Close associates of Tony Robbins

His book Money: Master the Game features interviews with such financial experts as Charles Schwab, Warren Buffett, and Carl Icahn.

Bob Proctor

About Bob Proctor

Author and motivational speaker who, along with Sandy Gallagher, co-founded the Proctor Gallagher Institute. One of his main goals is to improve people s lives by elevating the quality of their thoughts.

Early life

He became an expert in The Law of Attraction and a teacher of its message.


He wrote the 1984 best-selling book You Were Born Rich.

Family of Bob Proctor

He and his wife Linda have a son named Brian.

Close associates of Bob Proctor

He was influenced by industrialist and philanthropist Andrew Carnegie.