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About Tom Phillips

British multimedia artist whose best-known works included “A Humument: A Treated Victorian Novel” and “20 Sites n Years.” He was known for challenging his viewers’ sense of art.

Early life

He became known as a painter, portrait artist, printmaker, collage artist, muralist, installation artist, and photographer. He also went to Harvard as an Artist in Residence.


He painted a well-known portrait of Dame Iris Murdoch and provided illustrations of Dante’s ‘Inferno,’ which he also translated in 1985.

Family of Tom Phillips

He was born in London to a cotton speculator father and a boarding house-owner mother. His first name was Trevor, but they chose to use his middle name: Thomas or Tom. He and his wife Jill had a daughter named Ruth and a son named Leo.

Close associates of Tom Phillips

He taught at the Ipswich School of Art, where he befriended his student Brian Eno. Eno went on to become a famous musician and composer, and he and Phillips collaborated on “Irma” from 1978.

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