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Captain Jack

About Captain Jack

YouTube gamer known for creating gaming content within the sci-fi genre, featuring a number of indie games, most predominantly Space Engineers. He also reviews indie games and creates Machinimas.

Early life

He started YouTube in 2010 by creating stop-motion animation videos around the Lego community.


He is an aspiring web developer. His most watched video became his January 1, 2016 post “SHIELD Helicarrier VS UNSC Frigate – Space Engineers Epic Ship Battle.”

Family of Captain Jack

He was born and raised in the southwest of England.

Close associates of Captain Jack

He and Lui Calibre have both posted Halo content to their YouTube channels. 

Ike Musitz

About Ike Musitz

Austrian professional bodybuilder and personal trainer who first tasted fame after being named Mr. Vienna in 2013. Also an actor and model, he has had notable roles in the film Glass Jaw and on the series Kevin Hart: What the Fit.

Early life

He became skilled at judo and taekwondo in his youth.


His fans have supported him on Instagram where he shares selfies and workout photos with more than 130,000 followers.

Family of Ike Musitz

His mother is Austrian and his father is Nigerian.

Close associates of Ike Musitz

He has been described as both a young Dwayne Johnson and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Lena Yada

About Lena Yada

World Wrestling Entertainment performer and model known by her ring name of “Ninje Yada.” Her signature wrestling moves included the “Headscissors takedown” and the “Japanese arm drag.”

Early life

She started her career as a pageant queen and a surfing contestant before segueing into wrestling.


She competed in the WWE s 2007 Diva Search.

Family of Lena Yada

She married the singer for the band Disturbed, David Draiman, on September 25, 2011. The couple welcomed a son, Samuel, in 2013.

Close associates of Lena Yada

She modeled for Sheiki Jeans, a brand that had previously employed Jenna Jameson as its spokesmodel.

Marika Soposka

About Marika Soposka

Film and television actress who is widely recognized for her performance as Jitka in the 2016 film I, Olga. She was also cast on the historical drama series the History of Czechoslovakia.

Early life

She studied music and performance arts at the Prague Conservatoire.


She contributed to a blog known as Sedmilhářky.

Family of Marika Soposka

She married Petr Čechák in 2013.

Close associates of Marika Soposka

Both she and Veronika Arichteva were cast on the History of Czechoslovakia.

Liza Powel

About Liza Powel

Best known as the wife of talk show host Conan O Brien, this advertising executive first met O Brien while appearing in a 2000 skit on his show.

Early life

A native of Bainbridge Island, Washington, Elizabeth Ann “Liza” Powel married O Brien in Seattle and later settled with him in Los Angeles.


She and O Brien purchased vacation homes in Massachusetts and Connecticut.

Family of Liza Powel

She and her husband welcomed a daughter, Neve, in 2003, and a son, Beckett, in 2005.

Close associates of Liza Powel

She and Mavis Leno both married popular American talk show hosts.

Gianna Marie

About Gianna Marie

Social media personality who has gained fame for her gwizzle_ TikTok channel s content. Her comedic clips, lip-syncs to and covers of popular music, and duets have helped her become a verifier content creator.

Early life

She began posting to TikTok regularly in November 2018. She began attending Illinois State University. 


She has grown to more than 1.1 million TikTok fans. She has also amassed more than 30,000 followers to her g.wizzle_ Instagram account. 

Family of Gianna Marie

She originally hails from Chicago, Illinois.

Close associates of Gianna Marie

She and McKenzi Brooke are both popular comedically-inclined TikTok stars.