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Esen Tan

About Esen Tan

Photographer grown popular posting stark and austere photos of landscapes, abandoned places, and more to her esen_tan Instagram account. She has earned more than 20,000 followers. 

Early life

She first began sharing her original photographs to Instagram in January 2013. 


She has worked in the art department for a number of films including The Two Faces of January and Kara Bela. 

Family of Esen Tan

She hails from Istanbul, Turkey. 

Close associates of Esen Tan

She worked on the feature film The Two Faces of January which starred Oscar Isaac and Viggo Mortensen. 

Awais Javed

About Awais Javed

Premium wedding photographer in addition to photographer for movies and events. His portfolio was published to his awaisjavedphotography Instagram account which has earned more than 140,000 followers.

Early life

He began his photography business in 2010.


His services would include providing a drone for aerial coverage.

Family of Awais Javed

His company became one of the top services from Islamabad.

Close associates of Awais Javed

He and Phil Chester both became known for their wedding photography. 

Paulina Rincon

About Paulina Rincon

TikTok starlet and influencer who is known for posting a blend of dance videos, lip synch clips, and short modeling shots for her over 1.4 million fans. She is also known for her comedy videos and lifestyle clips featuring her friends at school. 

Early life

She went viral on TikTok immediately with her first Duet earning over 1 million views in September of 2019. 


She has a puppy named Chloe who is often featured in photos on her Instagram. 

Family of Paulina Rincon

She posted a TikTok featuring her younger brother in January of 2020. Her younger sister appeared on her account in May of 2020.

Close associates of Paulina Rincon

She was featured in a Duet chain with Vicente Gómez which she posted in January of 2020.

Stephanie Bohrer

About Stephanie Bohrer

Social media star who gained for looking like Charli D Amelio and Addison Rae. Her comedy content has eared her over 380,000 followers on her stephbohrer TikTok account. She posts vlogs, lifestyle videos, and book recommendations on her self-titled YouTube channel.  

Early life

She was a member of her high school cheerleading team. 


Her videos have received over 19 million likes on TikTok. She has over 60,000 followers on Instagram and more than 70,000 subscribers on YouTube. She has studied at Arizona State University.

Family of Stephanie Bohrer

She has two brothers. 

Close associates of Stephanie Bohrer

She often posts videos about Harry Styles on her TikTok account.  

Scotty Wartooth

About Scotty Wartooth

Social media star and cosplayer who is best recognized for his scottywartooth TikTok account where he dresses up as Jesus. His videos have earned him over 4.4 million followers on the platform. 

Early life

He launched his TikTok account in March 2019. 


One of his most popular TikTok videos features him transitioning into several different cosplay outfits. 

Family of Scotty Wartooth

He was born in England. 

Close associates of Scotty Wartooth

He posted a duet with fellow TikTok star Ghoulbagel in April 2019. 

Nicolette Rose

About Nicolette Rose

TikTok star who has risen to fame for her lolwhatamidoin account. She has earned more than 10 million likes for her special effects makeup application and lip syncs.

Early life

She posted her first TikTok in October 2018.


She has more than 950,000 TikTok followers. She is a self-taught makeup artist

Family of Nicolette Rose

She is originally from the United States.

Close associates of Nicolette Rose

She did a lip sync impression of Colleen Ballinger s character Miranda Sings in her first ever TikTok.