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Juan Pablo Gil

About Juan Pablo Gil

Best known for his Premios Canacine-winning role as Charlie Noble in the 2013 Mexican comedy movie Nosotros los Nobles, this screen star also had a career as a stage actor, performing in 2010 in a Mexico City production of Todo sobre mi madre (All About My Mother).

Early life

He studied acting at the Televisa multimedia company s Centro de Educacion Artistica.


In 2014, he joined the cast of a Mexican telenovela titled Mi corazon es tuyo.

Family of Juan Pablo Gil

He was born and raised in the northwest Mexican city of Culiacan. In June 2019, he announced on his social media that he had broken up with actress Sofía Castro. 

Close associates of Juan Pablo Gil

He and Ana Claudia Talancon were both in the cast of the Teatro de los Insurgentes production of Todo sobre mi madre.

Maddy Dodd

About Maddy Dodd

TikTok star and social media influencer who is best recognized for her viral dances as well as her comedy and lifestyle videos. She often shares videos with her boyfriend Wes including couples challenges and checks with her over 200,000 fans. 

Early life

She first started uploading videos through her TikTok in March of 2019. She went viral after a video of the ghost effect earned her over 5 thousand likes and a ForYou page feature. 


She is also known for having played volleyball for Etowah High School and shared a photo from one of her matches through Instagram in August of 2017. 

Family of Maddy Dodd

She shared a TikTok featuring her mom through her account in July of 2019. 

Close associates of Maddy Dodd

She has created viral videos to the music of artists such as K Camp and Mariah Carey. 

Sonia Mayu

About Sonia Mayu

Mexican social media influencer who became a superstar thanks to TikTok. She is best known for her comedy clips and workout challenges which she shares with upwards of 8 million fans on the app. Her username is fresajapomex. 

Early life

In December 2017, she made her YouTube debut with HOW TO AVOID BINGEING FOR THE HOLIDAYS | BED Recovery.


Her first YouTube recording to cross 100,000 views was 2018 s WHY I DROPPED FROM UC BERKELEY.

Family of Sonia Mayu

Her full name is Sonia Mayu Fecha. Her mother is Japanese and her father is Mexican. 

Close associates of Sonia Mayu

In November 2019, she shared a photo on her Instagram account with the members of Piso 21 on the day before the Latin Grammys. 

Ricky Arenal

About Ricky Arenal

Trending dance, lip sync, and comedy content creator who rose to fame through his verified self titled TikTok account. His performances have received more than 210 million likes on the platform.

Early life

He made his social media debut on Instagram in 2017.


He was seen in attendance at the 2019 Tecmifest influencer event in Mexico City.

Family of Ricky Arenal

He was in a relationship with fellow influencer Audrey Ochoa until mid-2020. 

Close associates of Ricky Arenal

He has collaborated with other well known TikTok creators including Naim Darrechi. 

Isadora Zeferino

About Isadora Zeferino

Freelance illustrator who began to learn the crafts of animation and design as well. She became a popular figure on the Instagram account imzeferino where she shared her artwork with 210,000 followers.

Early life

She attended Colegio Bahiense before heading to Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro. She also trained at Escola Superior de Desenho Industrial.


She worked at the studio Combo Estudio from November of 2016 to January of 2018.

Family of Isadora Zeferino

Her grandmother s name is Marli. She is from Brazil.

Close associates of Isadora Zeferino

She and fellow Brazilian Gabriel Picolo both worked as freelance illustrators.

Lila Woolgar

About Lila Woolgar

TikTok star who has risen to fame for her ratatootle account. Her personal and comedic storytimes and skits have helped her amass more than 370,000 followers.

Early life

She began her TikTok account in June 2019.


She often shares personal photos to her ratatootle Instagram account. 

Family of Lila Woolgar

She has a dog named Teddy.

Close associates of Lila Woolgar

She has featured iLoveMemphis song “Hit the Quan” on her TikTok.