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Roberto Goizueta

About Roberto Goizueta

Late businessman who served as the Director, Chairman and CEO of The Coca-Cola Company from 1980 until his death in 1997. He is remembered for high-profile decisions like the purchase and subsequent sale of the film studio Columbia Pictures.

Early life

He graduated with a Bachelor s degree in Chemical Engineering from Yale University before returning to his home country, Cuba, in 1958.


He is an avid dog breeder whose Corgi, Fizz, won the Best of Breed award at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show in 1996 and 1997.

Family of Roberto Goizueta

His son, Roberto, has served as the Professor of Catholic Theology at Boston College.

Close associates of Roberto Goizueta

He and his family defected from Cuba to the United States following the rise to power of dictator Fidel Castro.

Noah Ringer

About Noah Ringer

Actor best known for his roles as Aang in The Last Airbender and Emmett in Cowboys & Aliens.

Early life

He received a black belt in martial arts when he was twelve years old. Although he initially was reserved about the sport, he soon began competing in sparring tournaments.


He was nominated for a Young Actors Award for his performance in The Last Airbender.

Family of Noah Ringer

He was encouraged by his mother to audition for the part of Ang. His grandfather immigrated to the United States from Germany.

Close associates of Noah Ringer

He appeared alongside Daniel Craig in Cowboys & Aliens.

Olly Ince

About Olly Ince

TikTok personality who has gained fame for his self-titled channel. He has earned massive for his comedic clips often in close-up selfie testimonial form. 

Early life

He began his TikTok channel in December 2018. He originally rose to fame as a Vine creator before turning to TikTok.


He has amassed more than 1.1 million TikTok fans. He has also earned more than 20,000 likes to his Facebook page.

Family of Olly Ince

He was born and raised in England.

Close associates of Olly Ince

He and Olivia Evi Plant are both famous comedic personalities on TikTok. 

Lia McHugh

About Lia McHugh

American actress who is best recognized for portraying Sprite in the Marvel film The Eternals. She is also known for having starred as Ashley in the 2017 feature film Totem as well as several other horror driven films and television shows. 

Early life

She made her acting debut in the 2016 series A Haunting. She then starred in Along Came the Devil in 2018 and made a Comic Con appearance in 2019 which earned her international attention. 


She was featured in Glamour Fame magazine where in 2019 it was announced that she was going to be the youngest actor to play a superhero in Marvel s cinematic history. 

Family of Lia McHugh

She was born in Pennsylvania but moved to Los Angeles to become an actress. She is the sister of fellow actor Flynn McHugh. 

Close associates of Lia McHugh

She attended Comic Con in July of 2019 with Salma Hayek, Angelina Jolie, and Kumail Nanjiani to promote The Eternals. 

Hayley Law

About Hayley Law

Versatile actress and singer who rocketed to fame in 2017 playing Valerie Brown, a member of the Pussycats on the CW s Riverdale, a show adapted from the Archie comics.

Early life

One of her first acting credits was a guest spot in a 2017 episode of The Arrangement.


In late 2016, she released her debut EP Hayleau to SoundCloud.

Family of Hayley Law

She is a native of Vancouver, British Columbia.

Close associates of Hayley Law

On Riverdale, her character is a member of the Pussycats whose fellow members are portrayed by Ashleigh Murray and Asha Bromfield.

Elizabeth Perkins

About Elizabeth Perkins

American actress best known for her critically acclaimed role as Celia Hodes on Weeds. She also played Wilma Flintstone in The Flintstones movie and had a small role in the 2016 reboot Ghostbusters. 

Early life

She began working at Massachusetts Arena Civic Theatre.


She starred in the 1994 remake of Miracle on 34th Street.

Family of Elizabeth Perkins

She married Terry Kinney in 1984. The couple had a daughter, Hannah, in 1991 before spanorcing. She married Julio Macat in 2000. 

Close associates of Elizabeth Perkins

She starred in Big with Tom Hanks.