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Roberta Zacchero

About Roberta Zacchero

Italian actress, social media star, and influencer who is known for creating short comedy videos for TikTok where she shares them with her over 1.7 million fans. She is also known for having starred in Collegio 1982. 

Early life

She first started sharing videos through TikTok in February of 2019. She went viral in September when a video of hers was featured on the ForYou page earning over 32 thousand likes. 


She is also know n for running a 21 buttons website where she sells exclusive clothing. 

Family of Roberta Zacchero

She was born and raised in Turin, Italy. 

Close associates of Roberta Zacchero

She shared a duet with fellow TikTok star Mariana Aresta through her account in October of 2019. 

Isadora Ribeiro

About Isadora Ribeiro

Brazilian social media star who usually posts modeling, fitness, and lifestyle photos to her isadoracribeiro Instagram account. She has accrued over 180,000 followers on her Instagram. 

Early life

She initially posted to her Instagram account in December 2012. 


She took a trip to Balneário Camboriú in Brazil in April 2019. She also travelled to Natal, Brazil in November 2018. 

Family of Isadora Ribeiro

She posted a photo with her mother to her Instagram in May 2019. 

Close associates of Isadora Ribeiro

Both she and Nicole Corrales are well-known Brazilian Instagram stars. 

Karlie Pendergraff

About Karlie Pendergraff

YouTube star who is widely known for her self-titled channel. She has gained there for her makeup tutorials, tips, and challenges. 

Early life

She began her YouTube channel in October 2015. 


One of her most popular YouTube videos, “DOING MY 13 YR OLD SISTERS MAKEUP,” has amassed more than 400,000 views. 

Family of Karlie Pendergraff

She has a twin sister named Taylor. She has one other younger sister whom she has featured on her YouTube channel. 

Close associates of Karlie Pendergraff

She has listed RawBeautyKristi as one of her chief YouTube inspirations. 

Liza Hanim

About Liza Hanim

Singer and actress from Malaysia who is best known for her 2000 single “If I Say” and “Conscience”. 

Early life

She was first discovered when she was the runner up for the Golden Teen Search competition in 1996. She then released her debut album Epilog in 1997. 


She also appears on several compilation albums featuring other musicians including the 1998 album Molek and the 2005 album Long Stay. 

Family of Liza Hanim

She was born and raised in Klang, Selangor, Malaysia. 

Close associates of Liza Hanim

As a singer from Malaysia, she can be seen in relation to other singers from the area including Yuna, Siti Nurhaliza, and Shila Amzah. 

Liza Irizarry

About Liza Irizarry

Model and Instagram star who is known for her work with Maxim and Smooth magazines. She is also a Lifestyle resort shareholder at Luxury Rentals. 

Early life

With an interest in music at a young age, she began performing in a variety of school talent shows with her friends. After enjoying the performance aspect, she decided she wanted to be a singer and began her career in the entertainment industry. 


In addition to modeling, she is also an actress and has starred in a variety of roles including Ben younger s film Prime and several music videos. 

Family of Liza Irizarry

She was born and raised in Washington Heights in New York City. Her parents were of Puerto Rican and Dominican descent and introduced her to a variety of Spanish music at a young age. 

Close associates of Liza Irizarry

She has recorded a song called “Drop it” with Kurtis Blow. 

Liana Mendoza

About Liana Mendoza

Actress and stuntwoman known for playing Officer Albano in American Horror Story and Tricia on Better Call Saul. She s been recognized by SAG-AFTRA for her stunt work.

Early life

She began dancing when she was three. The martial arts training she received growing up helped her transition into stunt work.


Her birth name is Ericka Mansky.

Family of Liana Mendoza

She and her brother grew up in an area of Los Angeles known as “Frog Town.”

Close associates of Liana Mendoza

Her first acting role was in the TV movie Internet Dating, which was directed by Master P.