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Sharmell Sullivan-Huffman

About Sharmell Sullivan-Huffman

Former WWE wrestler who rose to fame as a member of the WCW dance crew Nitro Girls. She was also a professional live dancer for artists like James Brown.

Early life

She was named Miss Black America in 1990 at age twenty.


She appeared on five episodes of the game show “Family Feud” in November 2007.

Family of Sharmell Sullivan-Huffman

She was married in 2005 and gave birth to twins in 2010.

Close associates of Sharmell Sullivan-Huffman

She and Teri Byrne were both members of Nitro Girls.

Whit Hertford

About Whit Hertford

Member of the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre and actor known for his TV work on shows like Raising Hope and The Tonight Show With Conan O Brien. He founded the American New Wave film group called Sneak Attack.

Early life

He was a child actor who appeared in films like Jurassic Park and A Nightmare On Elm Street 5: The Dream Child.


He is also a musician who has played in the bands LUVRS, The Mannequin, and Natural History.

Family of Whit Hertford

He was married to Heidi Hertford from 2002 to 2011.

Close associates of Whit Hertford

He co-starred with Lucas Neff on the hit series Raising Hope.

Marta Rental

About Marta Rental

Verified TikTok content creator and personality recognized for sharing point-of-view style videos on her martirenti account. Her videos have amassed more than 45 million likes on the platform.

Early life

She began her career as an influencer by posting fashion and lifestyle photos on Instagram. 


In 2019, she started publishing content on YouTube. 

Family of Marta Rental

She was born in Poland.

Close associates of Marta Rental

She created a TikTok set to Ed Sheeran s “Beautiful People.” 

Gabriella Pession

About Gabriella Pession

Actress who is famous for her career in the TV and film industries in both Italy and the US. She has starred as Eva Vittoria on the NBC/Rai TV crime drama Crossing Lines, and appeared in the films Oggi sposi (2009) and 
L amore è eterno finché dura (2004). 

Early life

She studied at the University of Milan. She had previously moved with her family to Italy from America at age 6. 


She was given the Italy-USA Foundation s annual America Award in 2015. She starred on the popular Italian TV thriller La Porta Rossa as Anna Mayer between 2016-2017. 

Family of Gabriella Pession

She and her husband Richard share one son named Giulio. 

Close associates of Gabriella Pession

She has appeared alongside Donald Sutherland on the NBC TV series Crossing Lines.

Lizzie Freeman

About Lizzie Freeman

Voice actress who has earned notoriety on her LizzieBiz YouTube channel. Her comic dubs and original vocal covers of anime and animation have helped her garner more than 21 million views. 

Early life

She launched her YouTube channel in February 2007.


She has seen her audience on YouTube grow to more than 70,000 subscribers. She provided voice acting work on two episodes of Sword Art Online in 2018-2019.

Family of Lizzie Freeman

She was born and raised in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Close associates of Lizzie Freeman

She has voiced acted alongside Nobunaga Shimazaki for the popular Sword Art Online series.

Gladys Enguita

About Gladys Enguita

TikTok star who has gained fame for her gladysdontcaree channel. Her lip syncs to popular sounds alongside dances while modeling have helped her grow to more than 650,000 followers. 

Early life

She began her TikTok channel in August 2020.


Her dance to Fergie s song “Glamorous” on her TikTok channel in November 2020 gained more than 300,000 views. She has modeled for BoutineLA. 

Family of Gladys Enguita

She is of Cuban and Honduran descent. Her real name is Gladys Enguita. She has lived in Florida.

Close associates of Gladys Enguita

She has modeled for BoutineLA, much like Katelyn Lordahl.