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Wyatt Smith

About Wyatt Smith

Actor who became known for his role as Charlie Tyler in Never Back Down. He gained additional fame for his part on The Pledge.

Early life

He played a role on an episode of Drake & Josh titled “Girl Power.” 


He also gained fame for his roles in Garfield, NCIS, and Without a Trace. 

Family of Wyatt Smith

He has a younger sister named Chelsea Smith.

Close associates of Wyatt Smith

He acted with Sean Faris in Never Back Down.

Xavier Goodman

About Xavier Goodman

He is a TikTok star and R&B musician who released his first album From Your Drafts on April 1, 2021. His account @xaviergoodman1 has 800,000 followers and 15 million.

Early life

He joined TikTok in November 2020.


He is an actor, and has appeared in a number of short films including Keon, Earpiece, and Club City. The music video for “I m Loving Your Vibes,” the first single on his album From Your Drafts, can be found on YouTube.

Family of Xavier Goodman

He has a dog which is featured in many of his TikToks and Instagram photos.

Close associates of Xavier Goodman

His music is similar to other rappers such as Tyler The Creator and Chance The Rapper. 

Seth Gabriel

About Seth Gabriel

Professional hip-hop dancer and member of the Diamond Bar All-Male Dance Team who became known after being featured on the dance doc-series AwesomenessTV in 2016.

Early life

Before catching his break on AwesomenessTV, he performed with the Gravy Babies Dance Company.


His team s dance video was posted by the hip hop station Power 106 Big Boys Neighborhood.

Family of Seth Gabriel

He is of Filipino descent but he was born in Los Angeles. He has a younger brother named Sheaden who also dances and a younger sister named Sayla. He attended Diamond Bar High School.

Close associates of Seth Gabriel

His brother Sheaden dances with his crew Classic, who placed first at the Hip Hop International competition in the U.S., and fifth at the world event.

Sabrina Nacis

About Sabrina Nacis

TikTok creator who gained fame by posting humorous lip sync videos to TikTok. She built a fanbase on her itsofficialfilipina account prior to its deactivation in 2019. 

Early life

Her first Instagram post appeared in July of 2016.


She started a YouTube channel in 2018 to capitalize on her TikTok .

Family of Sabrina Nacis

She has a niece she occasionally features in photos on her Instagram with the nickname Mini-Me. She is of Filipino descent.

Close associates of Sabrina Nacis

Sarah Magusara is another popular TikTok creator who is of Filipino descent. 

Leila Conelli

About Leila Conelli

Trending dance content creator and TikTok personality who is best known for her lazy_town10101
account. Her slick moves and original choreography helped her to amass more than 140,000 followers.

Early life

In 2017, she shared photos from her sweet sixteen party on Instagram.


She frantically attempted to clean her house in a TikTok that went viral with more than 900,000 views. 

Family of Leila Conelli

She has created TikToks featuring the members of her family. 

Close associates of Leila Conelli

She performed a dance set to Kesha s “Cannibal.” 

Klára Melíšková

About Klára Melíšková

Actress who has won acclaim for her performances in Czech films like Mistri (2004), Protektor (2009) and Andelé Vsedního Dne (2014). Additionally, she is widely recognized as one of the best stage actresses in the Czech Republic with roles in productions like Three Sisters and The Man Without a Past.

Early life

She studied acting at the Theatre Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague. 


She won the Czech Lion for Best Supporting Actress for Protektor in 2010 and I, Olga in 2017.

Family of Klára Melíšková

She married actor Lukáš Hlavica. 

Close associates of Klára Melíšková

She co-starred with Adam Misik in the film Ani Ve Snu! (2016).