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Marti Lence

About Marti Lence

Argentinian content creator who became a public figure thanks to TikTok. His viral music, comedy, dancing and special effects-infused clips have helped him pick up more than 430,000 fans on the app.

Early life

In July 2018, he uploaded his first Instagram photo which featured him at a beach in Cancún.


His most-viewed YouTube video of 2019 was “Mi Familia es (Muy) Intensa.”

Family of Marti Lence

He shared an Instagram picture with his father in June 2019.

Close associates of Marti Lence

In September 2019, he recorded a YouTube vlog at an Ariana Grande concert.

Lesly Mejia

About Lesly Mejia

Colombian content creator and influencer who became widely recognized for her @lesslyy TikTok account. Her viral dancing, music and green screen clips have brought her over 70,000 fans on the app.

Early life

In December 2018, she made her YouTube debut with Cómo NO Hacer Cupcakes.


Her most-watched YouTube video of 2019 was Maquillaje Café y Dorado (Sencillo).

Family of Lesly Mejia

She is of Colombian descent but has resided in Miami, Florida.

Close associates of Lesly Mejia

Juanfe Castro and Mapusa are two other well-known TikTok personalities with Colombian roots.

Lizzy Hadfield

About Lizzy Hadfield

British blogger best known as the creator of the popular fashion blog Shot from the Street. She also runs a YouTube channel of the same name, where she has been known to upload vlogs, hauls and more.

Early life

She graduated from the Leeds College of Art before studying the history of art at the University of Leeds.


She was an ambassador for Fashion Bunker at London Fashion Week 2016.

Family of Lizzy Hadfield

She has been known to feature her mother on Snapchat.

Close associates of Lizzy Hadfield

Like Hannah Louise Farrington, she is a well-known fashion blogger from England.

Jasmine Thompson

About Jasmine Thompson

English singer and songwriter who released a remixed acoustic version of Chaka Khan s song “Ain t Nobody” in 2013. It reached number 32 on the UK Singles Chart.

Early life

She began uploading videos of herself singing to YouTube at age 10 and started to gain attention from there. 


Her debut album, Bundle of Tantrums, was released in 2013 and made it to number 17 on the U.S. Heat charts.

Family of Jasmine Thompson

She grew up with family in Central London with a brother named Jed.

Close associates of Jasmine Thompson

She recorded and released a cover of David Guetta s song Titanium.

Florence Foresti

About Florence Foresti

French actress and comedienne renowned for her recurring appearances on French series like On a tout essayé, Le grand journal de Canal+, and On n est pas couché. She also voiced the beloved character The Mother in the 2015 animated adaptation of The Little Prince.

Early life

Throughout high school, she studied theatre and literature. Upon her graduation, she instead turned her focus to cinematography. She then spent several years as a computer graphic artist while participating in theatre on the side.


She has done voice acting for a number of animated films including the French version of The Ant Bully and 2014 s Asterix and Obelix: Mansion of the Gods.

Family of Florence Foresti

She has one sister named Claire. In 2007, she gave birth to her daughter Toni.

Close associates of Florence Foresti

American actress Rachel McAdams performed the voice of Foresti s character The Mother in the American release of The Little Prince.

Jill Dobson

About Jill Dobson

Journalist who became a contributor on the The Early Show for CBS.

Early life

She attended Troy University and Michigan State University.


She worked as a entertainment correspondent for the Fox News channel.

Family of Jill Dobson

She married Jim Ornstein in 2006.

Close associates of Jill Dobson

She has been a guest on The O Reilly Factor hosted by Bill O Reilly.