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About Sylvia Earle

Award-winning oceanographer and lecturer who became a National Geographic explorer-in-residence in 1998. She is also considered an expert on the impact of oil spills and has been called upon to lead several research teams during various spills.

Early life

She earned a bachelor of science degree from Florida State University in 1955 and later earned a master of science and doctorate of philosophy degree from Duke University.


In 1998, Time Magazine named her its first Hero for the Planet.

Family of Sylvia Earle

She tied the Deep Rover depth record set by Graham Hawkes, whom she was married to from 1986 until 1992. She founded the Deep Ocean Exploration and Research, which her daughter Elizabeth took over. She also had a son named John.

Close associates of Sylvia Earle

In 1970, she led the first team of female aquanauts during the Tektite Project. Sally Ride was the first female astronaut to enter low earth orbit.

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