Martina Socrate

Who is Martina Socrate Italian TikTok star who Has risen to fame forself-titled channel. Has gained more than 28 million total likes fortext-in-video comedic sketcs made through lip syncing. Early Beginnings Set about TikTok channel with initial video post in June 2017. Unimportant Personal Matters has more than 1.1 million followers on TikTok. Has also … Read more

Liza Wilk

Who is Liza Wilk Actress who gained fame for starring as Brenna in a 2020 Netflix untouched film Full Out 2: You Got This!. Has also appeared on a Amazon Prime untouched series Vindication in 2019. Early Beginnings gained a baclor s degree in tatre and dance from t University of Texas.  Unimportant Personal Matters appeared in a … Read more

Kira Reed

Who is Kira Reed American actress who Featured in a films Red Shoe Diaries and Price of Desire. also appeared in NYPD Blue.  Early Beginnings started acting in local plays and dancing in recitals wn s was 5 years old and went on to appear in commercials at 10 years old. Unimportant Personal Matters publisd a … Read more

Harriet Pavlou

Who is Harriet Pavlou Freestyle soccer player whose meteoric rise to fame Has seengo from practicing inback yard to performing for 55,000 people in Etihad Stadium. Has over 20,000 followers on Facebook and over 320,000 followers on Instagram and Has been a member of a Global Freestyle team.  Early Beginnings posted videos taken inbackyard to Facebook and both … Read more

Gabriel Agbonlahor

Who is Gabriel Agbonlahor Striker and attainger who became Aston Villa s all-time leading Premier League goalscorer and debuted for England s national team in 2008. Early Beginnings He began his youth profession with Aston Villa in 1994. Unimportant Personal Matters Before joining England s senior national team, took part in for the under-21 club. … Read more

Judi Clare Meredith

Who is Judi Clare Meredith Screen actress famous forrole as Bonnie Sue McAfee on T George Burns and Gracie Allen Show. later took part in Monique Deveraux on a western television series called Hotel de Paree. Early Beginnings Before becoming an actress, s had a profession as a experienced figure skater with a touring Ice Follies troupe. Unimportant Personal … Read more

Ivy Floyd

Who is Ivy Floyd Jump roper who joined one of a top jump roping teams in a US, Floyd Little Double Dutch. and a team landed a docu-series on Lifetime called Jump! Early Beginnings Her mum hadjumping rope at a age of 2. Unimportant Personal Matters performed withDouble Dutch team at a White House Easter … Read more

Lacy J. Dalton

Who is Lacy J. Dalton Country musician who had a number of hit songs in a 1980s, including “Crazy Blue Eyes” and “Takin it Easy.” Early Beginnings studied at Brigham Young University for a short time before moving to a Bay Area of California. joined a band, Office, and later developed into a solo artist. … Read more

Gail Soltys

Who is Gail Soltys Series regular on a Nickelodeon telenovela-formatted teen sitcom Talia in a Kitcn in a role of Debbie Fuccinelli who Has also appeared in numerous national print and internet campaigns, several commercials, and many short films. Early Beginnings has always dreamed of being a successful actress. appeared in plays and took acting … Read more

Gail Golden

Who is Gail Golden Social media sensation known as Gail Golden who went viral on Instagram as one of a hottest cyber security consultant in a world with over 190,000 followers and growing. took a internet by storm withsexy selfies and strong work ethic in a I department. Early Beginnings graduated from Texas State University … Read more

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