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Mollie Wylie

About Mollie Wylie

Lip syncing sensation most well known for her molliewylie account where she accumulated more than 500,000 followers posting short videos to the tune of popular artists.

Early life

She first began posting photos to Instagram in October of 2015.


A talented singer, she has been known to occasionally share her singing skills in short song covers on

Family of Mollie Wylie

She is a popular social media star from England.

Close associates of Mollie Wylie

She performed a duet with Cameron Dallas to the tune of “Love the Way You Lie” by Eminem and Rihanna.

Lois Hamilton

About Lois Hamilton

One of the most famous Ford Models of the 1970s, she was photographed for the covers of such fashion magazines as Mademoiselle and Cosmopolitan and appeared in advertising campaigns for Hermes, Clairol, and Chanel, among other brands. Also an actress, she appeared in episodes of such popular series as Three s Company and The Dukes of Hazzard.

Early life

After briefly studying at Temple University, she traveled to Italy and earned degrees in art and psychology from the University of Florence.


A licensed pilot and aerobat, she owned a German, 1936-model biplane. Also an artist and writer, she displayed her paintings and sculptures in numerous Los Angeles galleries and published a book titled Move Over Tarzan.

Family of Lois Hamilton

Born Lois Aurino, she grew up in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She died at the age of forty-seven after over-dosing on sleeping pills in her Rio de Janeiro hotel room.

Close associates of Lois Hamilton

She appeared in the 1985, Carl Reiner-directed comedy movie Summer Rental.

Gianna Zito

About Gianna Zito

Social media star and content creator who has gained for the POV, dance, comedy, and singing videos she posts to her thebakedziti TikTok account. She has accumulated over 490,000 followers on the platform. 

Early life

She attended Syracuse University.


Some of her most popular TikToks are POV comedy skits about babysitting. 

Family of Gianna Zito

She shared a photo of her grandpa on her giannazito Instagram account. 

Close associates of Gianna Zito

She posted a duet with TikTok star Ladyefron in July 2020. 

Kathy Indera

About Kathy Indera

Indonesian soap actress and model who rose to fame after starring as Kathy in the teen soap opera White Grey. She has also starred in the TV shows Daddy, Why I m Different and Street Children. She has modeled for the Your Habits clothing line.

Early life

She first began modeling when she was 15 years old.


She has gained over 1.6 million followers on her Instagram account.

Family of Kathy Indera

She is originally from Indonesia. She comes from a mixed background of Chinese, Malaysian, Singapore and Indonesian descent. She was homeschooled as a child.

Close associates of Kathy Indera

She starred in Street Children with fellow Indonesian soap actor Immanuel Caesar Hito.

Glenn Maxwell

About Glenn Maxwell

Known as “The Big Show,” he s represented Australia in Tests, ODIs, and T20s. In 2017, he became the second Australian to record centuries in all three formats of the game.

Early life

He played junior cricket for South Belgrave CC and made his first-class debut in 2010 with Victoria.


He made his ODI and T20 debuts in 2012 and his Test debut in 2013. He was named captain of Kings XI Punjab in 2017.

Family of Glenn Maxwell

He was born and raised in Kew, Melbourne. His second cousin is Australian Rules Football star Nick Maxwell.

Close associates of Glenn Maxwell

Shane Watson was the first Australian to record a hundred in all three forms of cricket.

Isabel Gomez

About Isabel Gomez

TikTok star who is best recognized for her travel clips and lifestyle videos featuring her friends which she shares with her over 650,000 followers. She is also known for her viral trend videos and popular series which have helped her earn over 10 million total likes. 

Early life

She first started posting videos through her TikTok account in November of 2019. She went viral quickly when her first video with her friends at the mall earned over 600 thousand views and a ForYou page feature. 


She attended a Morat concert in May of 2017 and shared photos from the experience through her Instagram. 

Family of Isabel Gomez

She often features her brother Pablo in her TikTok videos and Instagram posts. 

Close associates of Isabel Gomez

She has created viral videos to the music of the Goo Goo Dolls and Mariah Carey on her TikTok.