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Lizzy Jones

About Lizzy Jones

Self-proclaimed nerd who loves Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Breaking Bad, Disney, and Dr. Pepper. She aims to spread positivity humor through her main YouTube channel SoundProofLiz, which has earned over 40,000 subscribers. 

Early life

She was introduced to the YouTube world in early 2009 through a MySpace link to a Mitchell Davis (LiveLavaLive) video. In 2011, she decided to attempt to vlog every day of her senior year, and while that goal wasn t exactly completed, it began her SoundProofLiz channel. 


The name SoundProofLiz comes from Lizzy being deaf in her right ear. 

Family of Lizzy Jones

She was born in Houston, Texas and grew up in Magnolia. She has a brother named Nick, a sister named Natasha and her parents names are Tammi and David. She began dating fellow YouTuber JamesChats. 

Close associates of Lizzy Jones

She is close friends with YouTube superstar Jon Cozart. They have collaborated on several videos, with the most popular being “Disney Challenge with Jon Cozart.” 

Kristina Krayt

About Kristina Krayt

Russian model who has competed in Miss Russia 2017. She has shot campaigns regularly for Lulu Paris cosmetics and Guess. She s also been featured in Harper s Bazaar Kazakhstan.

Early life

She graduated from the Institute of MIIT.


She has accumulated over 1 million Instagram followers and growing due to her success as a model.

Family of Kristina Krayt

She was born in Moscow, Russia.

Close associates of Kristina Krayt

She and model Juliana Korolkova have both competed for the Miss Russia title.

Gabriel Diniz

About Gabriel Diniz

Brazilian singer who was a member of the band Cavaleiros do Forró. His band was known for albums such as O Filme ao vivo em Natal and Ao Vivo em Caruaru. 

Early life

His band was first formed in 2001 in Natal, Rio Grande do Norte in Brazil. 


He also released the solo album Gabriel Diniz Na Ilha in 2018. 

Family of Gabriel Diniz

He hailed from Campo Grande in Brazil. He tragically died in a plane crash on his way to surprise his girlfriend.

Close associates of Gabriel Diniz

He and Michel Telo are both popular singers from Brazil. 

Jean Paul Makhlouf

About Jean Paul Makhlouf

DJ who found fame as a member of the electronic dance music trio Cash Cash. He and the band have achieved success through a number of popular singles, including “Surrender” and the Platinum “Take Me Home,” as well as remixes of tracks by artists like Krewella, Katy Perry and Kelly Clarkson.

Early life

He got his start in music playing alongside future Cash Cash member Sam Frisch in the band The Consequence in 2002. The band recorded three independently-released albums before adding members and renaming themselves Cash Cash in 2008.


Several songs from Cash Cash s second album, Love or Lust, were featured on the MTV reality shows Jersey Shore and The Real World.

Family of Jean Paul Makhlouf

He has performed alongside his brother, Alex Makhlouf, as a member of Cash Cash.

Close associates of Jean Paul Makhlouf

Cash Cash s single “Lightning” features Goo Goo Dolls frontman John Rzeznik on vocals.

Isabel Briggs Myers

About Isabel Briggs Myers

Remembered for co-creating a popular personality testing tool known as the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) with her mother, Katharine Cook Briggs.

Early life

Several years after earning a degree in political science from Swarthmore College in Pennsylvania, she published her first and only novel, an award-winning mystery titled Murder Yet to Come.


Her personality type indicator, originally created as a means of making sense of the character differences between Myers and her husband, grew to be an important tool for educators and employers. By the first decade of the 21st Century, more than two million people were taking the MBTI annually.

Family of Isabel Briggs Myers

The daughter of Katharine Cook Briggs and engineer and National Bureau of Standards director Lyman Briggs, she grew up in Washington, D.C. Her marriage to Clarence Myers resulted in two children: Peter and Ann.

Close associates of Isabel Briggs Myers

Her personality typing system was influenced by the theories of the renowned Swiss analytical psychologist Carl Jung.

Inger Stevens

About Inger Stevens

Late actress who won a Golden Globe Award in 1964 for her starring role in The Farmer s Daughter.

Early life

She worked as a burlesque dancer as a teenager.


She had one of her best-known film roles in the 1968 Western film, Hang Em High.

Family of Inger Stevens

She married her second husband Ike Jones in 1961.

Close associates of Inger Stevens

She co-starred in the 1967 film A Guide for the Married Man with Walter Mattau .