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Tori Rose

About Tori Rose

Also known as Tumbling Tori, she is a gymnast with a fan base of more than 310,000 on TikTok, where she posts lip-sync content, occasionally mixing in a gymnastics-related video. Her account is under the name …toriii. 

Early life

In addition to gymnastics, she enjoyed horseback riding and playing softball while growing up. She originally started out on TikTok as Tori.boo33, back while the app was still known as


She was a level 7 gymnast by the time she was 13 years old. She earned her verification crown on TikTok in January of 2017. 

Family of Tori Rose

She is an American TikTok creator. 

Close associates of Tori Rose

She did a duet on TikTok with k1mmy912 during Christmas time in 2016. 

Miranda Wayne

About Miranda Wayne

Became a popular TikTok creator by posting videos to her mirandalee789 account. 

Early life

Her first lip sync video on TikTok was set to Bob Seger s “Old Time Rock and Roll.” 


She had earned more than 7 million hearts at the time of her 150th post on TikTok. 

Family of Miranda Wayne

She was born in California, but she later moved to Texas.  

Close associates of Miranda Wayne

She and Parker James collaborated on TikTok. 

Lesly García

About Lesly García

TikTok content creator and comedic social media influencer who is known for her glesly account. She has more than 1.1 million followers on the platform.

Early life

She worked at a restaurant prior to finding fame on social media.


She also posts videos on her Lesly Muaa YouTube channel. 

Family of Lesly García

She was born in Honduras.

Close associates of Lesly García

In early 2021, she created a stitched TikTok featuring fellow content creator marlyestevess. 

Julie Gauthier

About Julie Gauthier

French YouTube star who is famous for her Julie Gtr channel. She has gained there for her lifestyle vlogging, which has included challenges, reactions, fashion hauls, and makeup tutorials. 

Early life

She launched her YouTube channel in January 2015. 


She has seen her YouTube audience grow to more than 360,000 subscribers. She has also earned more than 60,000 followers to her juliegautier.nery Instagram account. 

Family of Julie Gauthier

She was originally born and raised in France. 

Close associates of Julie Gauthier

She and Enzo Tais-Toi have collaborated on her Instagram account. 

Jaime Primak Sullivan

About Jaime Primak Sullivan

Entertainment publicist, film and television producer who stars in Bravo s hit show Jersey Belle.

Early life

She became a household name when Jersey Belle first premiered on August 4, 2014.


She runs the digital human connection campaign #cawfeetawk, sponsored by Keurig.

Family of Jaime Primak Sullivan

She was born in Freehold, New Jersey.

Close associates of Jaime Primak Sullivan

She is a Bravo television network personality like Camilla Alves.

Lynne Knowlton

About Lynne Knowlton

Designer who shares interior design tips as well as advice on travel and DIY projects on her popular blog Design the Life You Want to Live. She has become particularly famous for her glamorous “treehouse” located in Durham, Ontario, Canada.

Early life

She earned a B.A. in economics and commerce from University of Toronto.


Her blog was named as one of the 200 best interior design and decorating blogs by RugKnots. 

Family of Lynne Knowlton

She and her husband Michael have children named Shelby, Tristan, Mackenzie and Brett.

Close associates of Lynne Knowlton

She and Brittany Robertson are both famous interior design bloggers from Canada.