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Tatiana Bacova

About Tatiana Bacova

Slovakian model and social media celebrity who earned an impressive following on the app TikTok. Her @tanicka.b account has acquired over 190,000 fans thanks to her popular behind-the-scenes mini vlogs.

Early life

She made her YouTube debut with a recording titled Sardinia 2017 (My First Video).


She has received more than 4.6 million hearts on TikTok. 

Family of Tatiana Bacova

She was born and raised in Slovakia.

Close associates of Tatiana Bacova

David Koros and Noranette are other well-known TikTok personalities with Slovakian ancestry.

Kasey Jasper

About Kasey Jasper

One member of the TikTok group K.and.ZNation with her friends Kaniya, Zoe, and Zariah. Together, the lip syncing friends earned more than 300,000 followers. 

Early life

The girls of K.and.ZNation began using TikTok in 2015.


In addition to the K.and.ZNation TikTok account, the girls also have a K & Z Nation YouTube channel.

Family of Kasey Jasper

She was born in Madison, Alabama.

Close associates of Kasey Jasper

Like Kenadi K, she became a popular TikTok star.

Lane Rouch

About Lane Rouch

Social media star who gained attention for her Disney princess costumes and photo shoots on Instagram.

Early life

Her mother made her first costume, a mermaid tail, when she was only 10 weeks old. Her parents began using her costumes to combat her shyness.


Her Instagram account ferdalump has more than 340,000 followers.

Family of Lane Rouch

Her parents are Jennifer and Chad Rouch.

Close associates of Lane Rouch

Jbunzie is another web video star who rose to prominence for dressing as a Disney princess.

Gabriella Giudice

About Gabriella Giudice

Daughter of Real Housewives of New Jersey personality Teresa Giudice.

Early life

She had her first communion over a weekend in May of 2013.


She was rarely featured in Real Housewives of New Jersey while some of her sisters got more airtime.

Family of Gabriella Giudice

She has sisters named Milania, Audriana and Gia, the latter of whom is a pop singer.

Close associates of Gabriella Giudice

Her godmother is Melissa Gorga.

Mari Henmi

About Mari Henmi

Japanese singer and television actress who sang “Yameté…” and uses a vocal style that combines singing and sighing.

Early life

She was born in Zushi, Kanagawa and made her singing debut with the song “Daniel, mon amour” in 1969.


She caused controversy after she made a nude photo book in 1981.

Family of Mari Henmi

She was married to singer Teruhiko Saigō but later spanorced; they had a son, Noritaka, and daughter, Emiri.

Close associates of Mari Henmi

She and Hiroko Yakushimaru are both Japanese singers.

Gaby Leah

About Gaby Leah

Slime enthusiast most well known for her Instagram account Froyo.slimey who would use her social media fame as a means to sell her homemade creations. Her account has more than 100,000 followers.

Early life

She began to post slime content in March of 2017. She had another Instagram account called gabyleah_.


Her most watched videos became a series titled “Slime Package From Glitter Slimes On Instagram // Unboxing & Review.”

Family of Gaby Leah

She is from Florida.

Close associates of Gaby Leah

She and Marisa Gannon have both sold their homemade slime.