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Sally Dorrell

About Sally Dorrell

Lip-sync and transition video creator who became a phenomenon on TikTok under the username sally.rose24. In late 2019, her account was no longer active. 

Early life

She played soccer for Spring Valley High School. She began making TikTok videos in late 2018.


She was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease which caused hair loss.

Family of Sally Dorrell

She began a relationship with Colin Conley. She has two siblings. Her mom s name is Angi.

Close associates of Sally Dorrell

She used the The Jonas Brothers brothers 2019 comeback song “Sucker” for one of her TikTok videos.

Marina Inspira

About Marina Inspira

YouTuber whose comedic stylings have made her one of the biggest YouTubers in her home country of Brazil. To date, her channel has amassed more than 3.2 million subscribers.

Early life

She began uploading videos to YouTube in July 2013.


In September 2016, she began uploading videos to a new gaming channel, Marina Inspira Games.

Family of Marina Inspira

She was born in Brazil.

Close associates of Marina Inspira

She has made videos with fellow Brazilian YouTuber Roberta Pupi.

Jill Larson

About Jill Larson

Portrayed Opal Cortlandt on the soap opera All My Children for twenty-two years.

Early life

She attended the University of Minnesota and Hunter College. 


She used to be a model and appeared in both American and European fashion spreads.

Family of Jill Larson

She is the daughter of Ruth Evangeline and John Charles Larson.

Close associates of Jill Larson

She appeared on All My Children with Susan Lucci.

Jasmin Azizam

About Jasmin Azizam

German YouTube star who primarily posts beauty videos to her channel. She has gained over 250,000 subscribers to her channel. 

Early life

She first posted to her YouTube channel in December 2015. 


Her YouTube videos have been seen over 30 million total times. 

Family of Jasmin Azizam

She has a pet dog named Milow. Her boyfriend Baris has appeared on her YouTube channel.

Close associates of Jasmin Azizam

She is a popular beauty vlogger who is comparable to BeautyChickee. 

Kenna Vita

About Kenna Vita

Instagram star and blogger who is known for her photography and concert promotions. Her blog often features a variety of lifestyle posts and other content. 

Early life

With an Associate s Degree in Communications, she was approached by a concert promoter which is how she began her career. In hoping to pursue her career in promotion and in photography, she moved to New York. 


As a photographer, she uses the Cannon Rebel t5i to take her photos. 

Family of Kenna Vita

She was born and raised in St. Petersburg, Florida. Her first name is McKenna and she was formerly known online as Kenna Hei.

Close associates of Kenna Vita

She follows a variety of celebrities on her Instagram account for inspiration including Sean O Donnell and Danny Seth. 

Lilly Pratt

About Lilly Pratt

One member of the YouTube vlogging family The Pratt Pack, she has earned more than 140,000 subscribers alongside her family appearing in pranks and vlogs. 

Early life

One of her early appearances on The Pratt Pack channel was in the May 2014 video “LET S GET IT STARTED.” 


Her uncle, Michael Green, aka Pickleboy, is the videographer of The Angry Grandpa Show. He also manages the channels KidBehindACamera and GrandpasCorner. 

Family of Lilly Pratt

Born to Kyle Pratt and Kimberly Green-Pratt, she has one younger sister named Eliza. 

Close associates of Lilly Pratt

Her grandfather, Charles Green, is a YouTuber known as the internet phenomenon Angry Grandpa.