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Zeresenay Alemseged

About Zeresenay Alemseged

Paleoanthropologist and Chair of the Anthropology Department at the California Academy of Sciences who is known for discovering “Lucy s child”, which is the almost-complete fossilized remains of a 3.3 million year old child. His discovery was a watershed moment in our understanding of human and pre-human evolution.

Early life

He was initially a geologist and worked with the National Museum of Ethiopia s Paleoanthropology Laboratory after graduating from Ethiopia s Addis Ababa University in 1990.


He founded the Dikika Research Project in 1999, an organization that contributed much to the study of paleoanthropology beyond the discovery of Selam.

Family of Zeresenay Alemseged

His family was residing in Axum, Ethiopia, when he was born; one of UNESCO s World Heritage Sites.

Close associates of Zeresenay Alemseged

His discovery of Selam, the world s oldest child, was seen as more proof in favor of Charles Darwin s theory of evolution.

Mary Anning

About Mary Anning

Fossil collector, dealer, and paleontologist famous for discovering the fossils of the first Ichthyosaur and Plesiosaurus.

Early life

As a child, she was being held by three woman when lightning struck a tree nearby, killing the three woman. She survived after being soaked in hot bath water.


She was inducted into the Royal Society s list of top 10 British women who have most influenced the history of science 163 years after her death.

Family of Mary Anning

Her parent s names were Richard and Mary and they struggled through several deaths of their children at young ages. Only she and Joseph survived into adulthood out of 10 children.

Close associates of Mary Anning

She worked as a paleontologist like Walter Granger.

Alice Roberts

About Alice Roberts

Though she is most famous for hosting science-themed television programs such as Coast,The Incredible Human Journey and Origins of Us, this British paleopathologist, anatomist, anthropologist, and osteoarchaeologist also had a teaching career at the University of Birmingham.

Early life

After graduating from the University of Wales College of Medicine, she worked briefly for the South Wales National Health Service. She later returned to university and received her doctorate in paleopathology (a field that investigates evidence of disease in ancient corpses).


She published her first scientific book, Don t Die Young: An Anatomist s Guide to Your Organs and Your Health, in 2007.

Family of Alice Roberts

She spent both her early years and the bulk of her adult life in Bristol, England. Her marriage resulted in one daughter and one son.

Close associates of Alice Roberts

She and Kate Humble both hosted science programs on United Kingdom television channels.


Sue Hendrickson

About Sue Hendrickson

American paleontologist who gained national fame in 1990 for discovering Tyrannosaurus rex bones in South Dakota. The skeleton was named “Sue” in her honor.

Early life

She was interested in scuba spaning before studying marine biology at the University of Washington.


She earned special honors at the Glamour Woman of the Year Awards in 2005.

Family of Sue Hendrickson

She has two younger siblings, John and Karen.

Close associates of Sue Hendrickson

She is one of America s most well-known paleontologists, along with Walter Granger.