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Zaman Ali

Zaman Ali

Zaman Ali (born 16 January 1993) is a Pakistani Philosopher and Politician. He received early education from Govt. Central Model School Lahore and later he studied from University of the Punjab till post graduation in Public Administration. By participating in election of National Assembly of Pakistan candidate Zaman Ali got the recognition and secure many votes from NA-123 (Lahore-I) in 2018 general election of Pakistan. He is the author of a number of philosophy books, including HUMANITY Understanding Reality and Inquiring Good.

Austin Farrer

About Austin Farrer

Theologian and philosopher who was remembered as perhaps the most important face of 20th-century Anglicanism.

Early life

He attended Balliol College on a financial scholarship.


He was named a Fellow of Trinity College, Oxford, in 1935.

Family of Austin Farrer

He was born and raised in London with two sisters and was the son of a Baptist minister.

Close associates of Austin Farrer

He and Graham Greene both attended Balliol College.

Iris Marion Young

About Iris Marion Young

Philosopher and educator who was remembered for her research on feminism, gender studies, and social theory.

Early life

She obtained her Ph.D. from Pennsylvania State University in 1974.


Her incredible contributions and accomplishments were commemorated by Penn State University when it established the Iris Marion Young Diversity Scholar Award, which was aimed at nurturing and celebrating young talent in the field of philosophy.

Family of Iris Marion Young

Her family was residing in New York when she was born.

Close associates of Iris Marion Young

She and film actor Nate Parker both attended Pennsylvania State University.

Donna Haraway

About Donna Haraway

Feminist known for her book A Cyborg Manifesto: Science, Technology, and Socialist-Feminism in the Late Twentieth Century from 1985.

Early life

She studied Evolutionary Philosophy at the Fondation Teilhard de Chardin on a Fulbright Scholarship.


She received the J.D. Bernal Award in 2000 from the Society for Social Studies of Science.

Family of Donna Haraway

She was born and raised in Denver, Colorado. Her father wrote about sports for The Denver Post. Her mother died when Haraway was only 16.

Close associates of Donna Haraway

She and accomplished author Jane Smiley were both Fulbright Scholars.

Francis Bacon

About Francis Bacon

Renaissance author and philosopher best known for his advocacy of the scientific method. He was knighted by King James I in 1603.

Early life

He traveled to Blois, Poitiers, Tours, Italy, and Spain over a period of three years, performing diplomatic tasks and studying language, statecraft, and civil law.


He was called the Father of Empiricism, a theory that knowledge can only come from experience. 

Family of Francis Bacon

He married Alice Barnham on May 10, 1606, when he was 45 and she was 14.

Close associates of Francis Bacon

Like Leonardo da Vinci, he was a highly influential Renaissance writer and scientist. 

Gillian Rose

About Gillian Rose

Social philosopher and critic of neo-Kantianism and post-modernism. She was known as a forceful defendant of Hegel s speculative thought.

Early life

She studied at St Hilda s College in Oxford. She was inspired by her Philosophy professor Jean Austin.


Her dissertation was on Theodor W. Adorno and was supervised by Leszek Kolakowski. She taught at the University of Warwick from 1989 until 1995.

Family of Gillian Rose

She had one sister, two half-sisters, and one half-brother. She converted to Christianity on her deathbed.

Close associates of Gillian Rose

She knew she would become a philosopher when she read Pensées by Blaise Pascal and Plato s The Republic at age 17.