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Pablo Amores

About Pablo Amores

Photographer and video artist who has lent his talents to high-profile fashion events like Mercedes Fashion Week in Madrid, Spain. He has worked on music videos for several notable bands, including Trejano! and The Parrots. 

Early life

He hails from Murcia, Spain. 


His unique fashion sense and photography have given him an Instagram following of more than 40,000. 

Family of Pablo Amores

He has dated the famous contestant Maria from the reality show Operación Triunfo. 

Close associates of Pablo Amores

He is a famous Spanish photographer, much like Rebeca Saray.

Jonnelle Monzon

About Jonnelle Monzon

American photographer who is best known for his association with the popular dance troupe, Kinjaz. He also has been a part of Vibrvncy, a well known design and creative art collective.

Early life

He began making art as a teenager.


He often photographs his home city, New York City. He has photographed for

Family of Jonnelle Monzon

He was born and raised in New York City.

Close associates of Jonnelle Monzon

He is a popular photographer similar to Jordan Matter.

Nawe Baz Andrade

About Nawe Baz Andrade

Freelance photographer and filmmaker famous for working with the personalities of Squad Mansion.

Early life

He was part of the 2010 graduating class of IES The Rose Garden. He became a photo journalist for Site4U in February of 2012.


His nawe.baz Instagram account which featured portraits of the Squad Mansion personalities has earned more than 80,000 followers.

Family of Nawe Baz Andrade

His hometown is Vigo, Spain, and he moved to Malaga. His father s name is Adrian and his mother is Cris.

Close associates of Nawe Baz Andrade

He has photographed Logan G, TheShooterCoC and Salva among many others.

Alex Yaro

About Alex Yaro

Filmmaker and photographer who is known for both modeling and action sports photography in a variety of exotic locations such as Hawaii and Florida which he posts to his over 140,000 Instagram followers. 

Early life

He posted his first picture to Instagram on October 14, 2014. 


He has photographed a variety of events including the Vans Triple Crown of Surfing and Burning Man. 

Family of Alex Yaro

He was born and raised in Miami, Florida. 

Close associates of Alex Yaro

He photographed Busta Rhymes at Nikki Beach in Florida. 

Michael Shainblum

About Michael Shainblum

Photographer and visual artist specializing in landscape, timelapse and aerial photography. His creative eye combined with his distinct style of surreal, visual storytelling has enabled him to be commissioned by large clients including Nike, Samsung, Facebook, Apple and Google.

Early life

He has been working professionally as a photographer and filmmaker since the age of 16. 


His work has also been published by a variety of known media outlets such as National Geographic, Wired Magazine and The Weather Channel.

Family of Michael Shainblum

He was born and raised in San Diego, California; but later relocated to San Francisco, California. 

Close associates of Michael Shainblum

He created a timelapse video featuring a song by Simon Green. 

Esen Tan

About Esen Tan

Photographer grown popular posting stark and austere photos of landscapes, abandoned places, and more to her esen_tan Instagram account. She has earned more than 20,000 followers. 

Early life

She first began sharing her original photographs to Instagram in January 2013. 


She has worked in the art department for a number of films including The Two Faces of January and Kara Bela. 

Family of Esen Tan

She hails from Istanbul, Turkey. 

Close associates of Esen Tan

She worked on the feature film The Two Faces of January which starred Oscar Isaac and Viggo Mortensen.