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Stan Tracey

About Stan Tracey

Jazz pianist who toured with Cab Calloway and recorded the celebrated British jazz album based on Dylan Thomas Under Milk Wood.

Early life

He was a member of the Entertainments National Service Association, which provided entertainment for British troops during World War II.


He established the record label Steam in the 1970s and released many of his own albums.

Family of Stan Tracey

He had two children, Clark and Sarah, with his wife Jackie Buckland.

Close associates of Stan Tracey

He was featured in the soundtrack of Alfie, the 1966 film featuring Michael Caine.

Julius Epstein

About Julius Epstein

One of Vienna s most acclaimed pianists and teachers following his 1852 debut.

Early life

He studied at Agram under choir director Vatroslav Lichtenegger and also at Vienna.


He served as professor of piano at the Vienna Conservatory from 1867 until 1901.

Family of Julius Epstein

He fathered two daughters–cellist Rudolfine Epstein and violinist Eugénie Epstein–and a son, Richard, who was also a professor of piano at the Vienna Conservatorium.

Close associates of Julius Epstein

He and Johannes Brahms were good friends.

Julius Katchen

About Julius Katchen

Concert musician whose six-disc set of Johannes Brahms solo piano compositions garnered him great recognition.

Early life

His grandparents, both immigrants from Europe who had been piano teachers in the conservatories of their native Moscow and Warsaw, taught him music up until the age of 14.


He represented the United States at the first International UNESCO festival. He performed Emperor Concerto by Beethoven.

Family of Julius Katchen

He was married to Arlette Patoux of Le Vesinet, France, in 1956.

Close associates of Julius Katchen

His debut at the age of 10 was so acclaimed that Eugene Ormandy asked him to play with the Philadelphia Orchestra.

Karol Mikuli

About Karol Mikuli

Armenian-Polish musician, composer, conductor, and educator who was best known as an authority on Chopin.

Early life

He studied composition with the famed French composer Anton Reicha.


He was appointed director of the Lviv Conservatory in 1858.

Family of Karol Mikuli

He was born into an Armenian family.

Close associates of Karol Mikuli

His first teacher was Frederic Chopin for whom he would later work as a teaching assistant.

Lynne Arriale

About Lynne Arriale

Won the 1993 International Great American Jazz Piano Competition. She was known for her collaboration with drummer Steve Davis.

Early life

She obtained her Master s Degree at the Wisconsin Conservatory of Music, having been classically trained.


She accepted a position as professor of jazz piano at the University of North Florida in Jacksonville, Florida.

Family of Lynne Arriale

Her family noticed her musical talents around the age of three when she began playing by ear and composing songs on her plastic toy piano.

Close associates of Lynne Arriale

She strayed from her classical roots and fully embraced jazz after hearing Keith Jarrett and Herbie Hancock.

Kerri MacLellan

About Kerri MacLellan

Rock musician who is recognized for having assumed keyboard duties in the indie-rock outfit Alvvays. The band s debut album hit the number one spot on the United States college chart.

Early life

She grew up in the same neighborhood as bandmate Molly Rankin. The two began writing music together at a young age.


She performed at the 2016 Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival with Alvvays.

Family of Kerri MacLellan

She is from Canada.

Close associates of Kerri MacLellan

She and Lionel Richie both performed at Glastonbury in 2015.