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Hilda Hewlett

About Hilda Hewlett

Early female pilot and founder of a successful aircraft manufacturing company in the United Kingdom.

Early life

She spent time in Egypt during her late teens and later attended nursing school before setting her sights on a career in aviation.


She and engineer Gustav Blondeau opened a flying school in England and also began manufacturing and selling airplane parts.

Family of Hilda Hewlett

Her father, Rev. George W. Herbert, was the vicar of an English church.

Close associates of Hilda Hewlett

She was a leading female aviatrix in England, very similar to her American peer Amelia Earhart .

Harriet Quimby

About Harriet Quimby

Aviator who was the first American woman to gain a pilot s license and the first woman to fly over the English Channel.

Early life

She worked as a journalist in San Francisco and a theatre critic in New York City before earning her pilot s license in 1911.


She wrote seven screenplays that were made into silent films.

Family of Harriet Quimby

She was the daughter of Ursula and William Quimby. She died in an aviation accident in 1912 at age thirty-seven.

Close associates of Harriet Quimby

She and Amelia Earhart were fellow female aviators.

Jean Batten

About Jean Batten

Popular New Zealand aviatrix who broke multiple flying records during the 1930s.

Early life

She began planning for her record-breaking England-to-Australia flight while she was still studying for her pilot s license.


She became the first woman to fly solo across the South Atlantic Ocean.

Family of Jean Batten

Her mother encouraged her dream of flying and signed her up for lessons with an Australian pilot.

Close associates of Jean Batten

She and Opal Kunz inspired future generations of female pilots.

Jeannette Piccard

About Jeannette Piccard

High-altitude balloon pilot who became the first woman to guide a balloon to the stratosphere.

Early life

She attended Bryn Mawr College, the University of Chicago, and the University of Minnesota, earning degrees in psychology, philosophy, organic chemistry, and education.


In 1934, accompanied by her husband, Jean Piccard, she reached nearly an 11 mile altitude over lake Erie, keeping control of her aircraft the entire time.

Family of Jeannette Piccard

Her husband, Jean Piccard, and his twin brother, Auguste, rose to fame through their series of pioneering balloon flights in the 1930s.

Close associates of Jeannette Piccard

Until Sally Ride entered outer space on the Space Shuttle Challenger, Jeanette Piccard (whose balloon ascended to the stratosphere) was considered the first American woman in space.

Jacqueline Cochran

About Jacqueline Cochran

Female aviator and test pilot who was part of the Women s Auxiliary Army Corps (WAAC).

Early life

She worked as a hairdresser in Florida and New York before taking her first flying lesson at the Roosevelt Airfield.


She wrote to Eleanor Roosevelt to propose the creation of a female flight spanision of the U.S. Army Air Forces.

Family of Jacqueline Cochran

She married Floyd Bostwick Odlum.

Close associates of Jacqueline Cochran

She and Amelia Earhart were both famous female pilots.

Helene Dutrieu

About Helene Dutrieu

Popular female pilot who set numerous altitude and distance records in Europe.

Early life

She was a professional track cyclist in her youth, and she set a women s world record for distance cycled in one hour.


She was the first licensed female pilot in Belgium.

Family of Helene Dutrieu

Her father was a Belgian Army officer.

Close associates of Helene Dutrieu

She and Amelia Earhart both rose to fame as female aviators.