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Letitia Christian Tyler

About Letitia Christian Tyler

Wife of John Tyler who was First Lady from 1841 until her death. For most of her tenure in the White House she remained in the upstairs living quarters due to the fact ath she had suffered a paralytic stroke several years before.

Early life

She was devoted to her family and worked at the plantation they lived on.


She dated John for five years and it wasn t until weeks before the wedding that she kissed him.

Family of Letitia Christian Tyler

She and John had four daughters and three sons.

Close associates of Letitia Christian Tyler

Julia Gardiner Tyler was John Tyler s second wife.

Frances Folsom Cleveland Preston

About Frances Folsom Cleveland Preston

Wife of United States President Grover Cleveland who served as the First Lady of the United States from 1886 to 1889 and again from 1893 to 1897. At age 21, she became the youngest First Lady in history.

Early life

She attended Wells College in Aurora, New York. She married Grover Cleveland, who was a friend of her father, in 1886.


Her alma mater Wells College constructed Cleveland Hall in her honor in 1911.

Family of Frances Folsom Cleveland Preston

She had children named Ruth, Esther, Marion, Richard and Francis. After Grover Cleveland s death, she married archaeology professor Thomas J. Preston, Jr., making her the first presidential widow to remarry.

Close associates of Frances Folsom Cleveland Preston

She took over the title of First Lady from her husband s sister, Rose Cleveland.

Frances Nisbet

About Frances Nisbet

Wife of the renowned British officer, Horatio Nelson, who famously won several important victories against Napoleon s Army during the Napoleonic Wars.

Early life

Her first husband, a doctor, died at a young age, and she returned to England to live with her uncle when she met Nelson.


Around 1798 her husband struck up an affair with Emma, Lady Hamilton, wife of the British ambassador to Naples.

Family of Frances Nisbet

Her husband Horatio Nelson helped the Royal Navy defeat Napoleon on the high seas, dying a hero s death at the Battle of Trafalgar.

Close associates of Frances Nisbet

Alice Barnham, the wife of Francis Bacon, was another woman behind a great man like herself.

Katharine O’Shea

About Katharine O Shea

Remembered for the scandal provoked by her lengthy affair with and subsequent marriage to Irish Parliamentary Party leader Charles Stewart Parnell, this aristocratic, Victorian era adulterer had two surviving daughters — Claire and Katharine — with the disgraced politician.

Early life

When she met Parnell, she was recently separated from her first husband, British Army Captain and politician William O Shea.


Her longtime lover and second husband, Charles Stewart Parnell, died just four months after marrying her.

Family of Katharine O Shea

She was born in Essex, England, to a socially prominent family that included Whig politician Sir Matthew Wood (her grandfather) and Baron William Wood (her uncle).

Close associates of Katharine O Shea

Conservative politician Robert Peel was the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom at the time of O Shea s birth.

Cindy Hensley McCain

About Cindy Hensley McCain

American businesswoman and wife of former Republican presidential hopeful John McCain. After her husband s presidential campaign, she publicly voiced her support for LGBT rights.

Early life

She earned degrees in Education from the University of Southern California. Before taking over her father s beer distributing business in 2000, she taught special education and operated the American Voluntary Medical Team.


She served on the boards of several charities, including Operation Smile, CARE, and the HALO Trust.

Family of Cindy Hensley McCain

Her marriage to John McCain produced three biological children — Meghan, Jack, and James — and one adopted daughter, Bridget.

Close associates of Cindy Hensley McCain

Her oldest daughter, Meghan McCain, became a respected journalist.

Clementine Churchill

About Clementine Churchill

Best known as the wife of British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, she served during World War II as the leader of the Young Women s Christian Association s wartime efforts and also assisted in the Red Cross s efforts to provide relief in Russia.

Early life

She was the child of Lady Blanche Hozier and (allegedly) Sir Henry Hozier (she was more likely the biological daughter of one of her mother s lovers). As a young woman, she studied in Edinburgh, Hertfordshire, and Paris.


In 1946, she was given the title of Dame Clementine Churchill GBE.

Family of Clementine Churchill

Several years prior to her marriage to Winston Churchill, she was secretly engaged to politician and military man Sidney Peel. Her marriage to Churchill resulted in four daughters (Diana, Sarah, Mary, and Marigold) and one son (Randolph).

Close associates of Clementine Churchill

She and Winston Churchill were married at St. Margaret s Church, Westminster, in September of 1908.