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Scott Mills

About Scott Mills

BBC Radio disc jockey whose life was the subject of a musical play and presented on BBC Radio 1. He began commenting on the Eurovision Song Contest on BBC 3 in 2011.

Early life

He worked for a local radio station as a DJ.


He presented the documentary The World s Worst Place to Be Gay? for BBC Three in 2011.

Family of Scott Mills

His parents are separated. He has a brother named Wes.

Close associates of Scott Mills

Like Mills, Piers Morgan is also a famous England-born talk show host.

Donald Tong

About Donald Tong

Broadcast radio personality and DJ who is recognized for his work on the programs More Saliva Than Waves and Listen to Music. He was also a member of the popular comedy group I Love You Boyz.

Early life

In 1993, he enrolled in the Maryknoll College of Medicine.


He made an appearance in the 2014 film Golden Chicken SSS.

Family of Donald Tong

He married Zhang Yien in 2011.

Close associates of Donald Tong

Both he and fellow radio personality Sammy Leung were born in China. 

Maina Kageni

About Maina Kageni

Kenyan radio host who is best recognized for hosting the Breakfast Show on Nairobi s Classic 105 Radio Station. He is also known for his social presence on Instagram and shares photos from his own travels as well as the stories he covers on Classic 105 Kenya for his over 750,000 followers. 

Early life

He left to the United Kingdom to attend school but came back to Kenya where he worked with Radio Africa. 


He is also known for being a Manchester United Fan and has even held their Premier League Trophy. 

Family of Maina Kageni

He was born and raised in Kenya.

Close associates of Maina Kageni

Other radio hosts also known for working out of Kenya include Caroline Mutoko and Joshua Arap Sang. 

Max Kellerman

About Max Kellerman

The co-host of an ESPN Radio show in Los Angeles, a boxer, and a color commentator for HBO-hosted fights. He has also been a co-host on ESPN s First Take. 

Early life

He had his first big break when he was hired to work on Friday Night Fights on ESPN.


He had his first movie experience on Rocky Balboa in which he appeared alongside the one and only Larry Merchant.

Family of Max Kellerman

He raised two kids named Sam and Esther Kellerman with his wife Erin Manning.

Close associates of Max Kellerman

He has interviewed the great Manny Pacquiao several times. 

Jeff Dauler

About Jeff Dauler

American radio host who is best known for his work at Atlanta s 94.1 radio station. He has also worked professionally as a standup comedian. 

Early life

He first posted to his popular Instagram page in May 2013.


His favorite food is sushi. He enjoys doing photography.

Family of Jeff Dauler

He has a wife named Callie.

Close associates of Jeff Dauler

He is a popular radio host similar to Robin Quivers.

Sami Kuronen

About Sami Kuronen

Broadcast radio personality and television presenter who is best recognized for his work with Radio Suomipop. In 2013, he began hosting the final round of the Miss Finland beauty pageant.

Early life

He made his on-air debut in 2012.


In 2004, while in school he hosted a talk show than ran uninterrupted for 50 hours.

Family of Sami Kuronen

He has a daughter named Oona Kuronen.

Close associates of Sami Kuronen

He was photographed with rapper Jare Joakim Brand in 2017.