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Carlos Davis

About Carlos Davis

Writer who is best known for co-writing the hit screenplay, Drop Dead Fred.

Early life

He obtained two degrees from Georgetown University and NYU prior to getting his start.


His work, Rascals and Robbers: The Secret Adventures of Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn, received 3 Emmy nominations.

Family of Carlos Davis

He was raised in San Francisco, the son of Aida Ester Minamora, a noteworthy art collector and world traveler.

Close associates of Carlos Davis

He wrote the 1991 film, Drop Dead Fred, which starred actress Marsha Mason.

Michael Nelson

About Michael Nelson

Most remembered as the head writer and host for the long-running hit series Mystery Science Theater 3000.

Early life

He was a waiter and part-time comedian when he got a job on MST3K, eventually impressing the producers so much that they gave him a full-time writing opportunity.


After the original host of MST3K left in the middle of the fifth season, he was chosen as the replacement.

Family of Michael Nelson

He married TV presenter Bridget Jones Nelson in 1990.

Close associates of Michael Nelson

He brought his trademark wit and comedic timing to commentary tracks of George Romero s Night of the Living Dead, and other films.

Charles Shyer

About Charles Shyer

Screenwriter and director, most recognized for films like Private Benjamin and The Parent Trap (1998).

Early life

He studied at UCLA before enrolling in the prestigious Director s Guild Apprenticeship program.


His father, D.W. Griffith, was one of the principal founders of the Director s Guild of America.

Family of Charles Shyer

He was married three times, and had four children.

Close associates of Charles Shyer

He worked closely with actress Lindsay Lohan on his film The Parent Trap (1998).

Shawn Ryan

About Shawn Ryan

Producer and screenwriter who rose to prominence for writing The Shield, a series that ran from 2002 to 2008, and the 2011 film The Chicago Code.

Early life

He won the Norman Lear Playwriting Award from Columbia Pictures Television, receiving $25,000.


He produced The Unit, which ran from 2006 to 2009.

Family of Shawn Ryan

He married and had two children with actress Cathy Cahiln Ryan, who starred on the Shield.

Close associates of Shawn Ryan

He produced the comedic procedural Beverly Hills Cop with Marney Hochman and Eddie Murphy in 2013.

Lizzy Weiss

About Lizzy Weiss

Award-winning screenwriter best known for her work on ABC series such as Cashmere Mafia and Switched at Birth.

Early life

She graduated from Duke University in 1992, where she majored in Women s Studies.


She got her first job in 1999, writing for the MTV series Holding Patterns.

Family of Lizzy Weiss

She was born an raised in Los Angeles, California.

Close associates of Lizzy Weiss

She served as the creator and executive producer of ABC Family s Switched at Birth, which starred Vanessa Marano.

Leone Marucci

About Leone Marucci

Screenwriter who is best known for his film, The Power of Few.

Early life

He got his start in filmmaking after college.


He is the founding member of the production company, Steelyard Pictures.

Family of Leone Marucci

He was brought up in Youngstown, Ohio.

Close associates of Leone Marucci

Christian Slater appeared in his ensemble film, The Power of Few.