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Michael Ojemudia

About Michael Ojemudia

Cornerback for the Denver Broncos who was a third-round pick in the 2020 NFL Draft. He was the 77th pick overall. 

Early life

He played football for the University of Iowa. 


He has a degree in mechanical engineering, and plans to work in the auto industry. 

Family of Michael Ojemudia

His older brother Mario played football for the University of Michigan. 

Close associates of Michael Ojemudia

He and NFL player Demaryius Thomas have both played for the Denver Broncos. 

Wayne Dalglish

About Wayne Dalglish

Actor who appeared in the role of Brad Ward on the teen drama The O.C. and is also known for his role in Kickin It from 2006 to 2007.

Early life

He made his debut in a 2002 episode of the hit series The Shield. 


He has a first degree black belt in karate, and in 2011 he began playing Frank on Kickin It, a Disney comedy series about a martial arts academy.

Family of Wayne Dalglish

He was born in the city of St. Paul, Minnesota. He is a world champion martial artist. 

Close associates of Wayne Dalglish

He played a younger version of Michael Rosenbaum s Lex Luthor in an episode of Smallville. 

Marley Joy Prusmack

About Marley Joy Prusmack

Social media star and TikTok video creator who was known on the platform as fattysalmonella34. She also created YouTube video content and was popular on Instagram.

Early life

She had a previous TikTok account with a username of thiccbeefcake69. 


She was admitted to a Denver hospital where she was diagnosed with mono and flu B. She first began exhibiting symptoms on April 4, 2019. She had her gallbladder removed and was later diagnosed with bacterial meningitis and became septic. She then was diagnosed with Lemmiere s Syndrome.

Family of Marley Joy Prusmack

Her mother Courtney posted a detailed account of what caused her death on Marley s Instagram account. 

Close associates of Marley Joy Prusmack

She posted a picture from a Panic! at the Disco concert and captioned it as “i touched Brendon Uries hand.”

Maggie Grace

About Maggie Grace

Social media star who has gained fame for her maggiieegrace TikTok channel. She has earned massive for her lip-syncs and dubs often with captions and dances. 

Early life

She began her TikTok channel in July 2019.


She has seen her audience on TikTok grow to more than 700,000 fans. 

Family of Maggie Grace

She was born and raised in the US. She has a younger sister. 

Close associates of Maggie Grace

She has dated actor Ashton Arbab.

Irina Rodnina

About Irina Rodnina

One of the most successful figure skaters of all time and winner of multiple championships in her sport.

Early life

She started figure skating at the age of 13.


She won 10 World Championships and 3 Olympic gold medals.

Family of Irina Rodnina

She was previously married to Alexander Zaitsev.

Close associates of Irina Rodnina

She and Tara Lipinski are both world-famous figure skaters.

Lia Ferré

About Lia Ferré

Mexican TV actress and hostess who is widely known for her work on the long-running series Lo Que Callamos Las Mujeres and the 2018 hit telenovela Por Amar Sin Ley. In 2019, she began hosting E! Entertainment s reality show Mi Mitad Más Hot. 

Early life

She made her professional acting debut on the TV series Secretos del Alma. 


In 2017 she was seen in attendance at a Longines Global Champions Tour equestrian competition. 

Family of Lia Ferré

Prior to 2016 she was romantically linked to a man named Juan Manuel Rowland. 

Close associates of Lia Ferré

She made an appearance on the soap opera Bajo el Alma which starred Bárbara de Regil.