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Stan Genius

About Stan Genius

American pop and R&B singer who has gained a following on SoundCloud thanks to his albums like A Genius Holiday and Light Skin Issues.

Early life

His first Instagram post was a selfie taken with Trey Songz in June 2016.


He has more than 10,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel.

Family of Stan Genius

He splits his time between Atlanta and Los Angeles. He wished his mom a Happy Mother s day in May 2018.

Close associates of Stan Genius

He is a huge fan of iconic pop star Michael Jackson.

Aja Kong

About Aja Kong

Creator of the ARSION all-women professional wrestling promotion which led to the All Japan Women s Pro-Wrestling Corporation.

Early life

She made her professional debut in 1986 and joined the heel stable Gokuaku Domei.


She won the World Women s Wrestling Association World Tag Team Championship with Bison Kimura twice.

Family of Aja Kong

She resided in Tokyo, Japan and is half Japanese and half African American.

Close associates of Aja Kong

She was a female wrestler like Madusa.

Jamie Hyneman

About Jamie Hyneman

Co-host of the hit Discovery Channel series Mythbusters who also created the robot Blendo, which was deemed too dangerous on Robot Wars.

Early life

He earned a degree in Russian linguistics from Indiana University.


He also worked on special effects for many movies, including the Matrix series.

Family of Jamie Hyneman

He married Eileen Walsh in 1989.

Close associates of Jamie Hyneman

He co-hosted the show Mythbusters with Adam Savage.

Siphiwe Tshabalala

About Siphiwe Tshabalala

Soccer midfielder who debuted with South Africa s national team in 2006 and signed with the Kaizer Chiefs of the South African Premier Soccer League in 2007.

Early life

His youth career began with Phiri Arsenal.


He debuted professionally for Alexandra United in 2003.

Family of Siphiwe Tshabalala

He grew up with his family in Soweto, South Africa.

Close associates of Siphiwe Tshabalala

He played alongside striker Benni McCarthy on the South African national team.

Libby Wathern

About Libby Wathern

Dancer, actress and model who, along with her twin sister Mia, became one half of TikTok s Wathern Twins. The two of them have racked up 0 Likes on the app due to their impressive music and dance clips.

Early life

In April 2016, she uploaded one of her earliest YouTube videos titled Popular #twins.


She has taken part in a Twin Cream Challenge, a Twin Telepathy Challenge and an Eat It or Drink It Challenge on YouTube.

Family of Libby Wathern

She and Mia are identical twin sisters.

Close associates of Libby Wathern

She set a TikTok recording to the Lil Mayo track “Be Gone Thot!” in 2019.

Mel Moon

About Mel Moon

Storytime and conversational TikTok content creator who is recognized for sharing short form videos on her mel.moon.comedian account. She has amassed more than 500,000 followers on the platform.

Early life

She was a pre-med student at Burnley College. 


She often shares her trials and tribulations as someone living with Polyglandular Failure, and her experiences with medications and the healthcare system. 

Family of Mel Moon

Mel is in a relationship with Roadman Ralph of Tiktok, and has three sons.

Close associates of Mel Moon

She created a duet video featuring Eliana Ghen.