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Katrina Law

About Katrina Law

American actress who achieved fame portraying Mira in the Starz series Spartacus: Vengeance and Nyssa al Ghul on CW s Arrow. Her film credits include Apparition, 3 minutes and Lucky Numbers.

Early life

As a teenager, she was crowned Miss New Jersey Teen USA.


In 2016, she also starred as Nyssa al Ghul in the TV series Legends of Tomorrow.

Family of Katrina Law

Her father served in the Vietnam War and her mother held a job as a bartender. In 2013 she married Keith Andreen. They share one child together.

Close associates of Katrina Law

Lucy Lawless co-starred with her in Spartacus: Vengeance.

Bryan Daugherty

About Bryan Daugherty

American photographer whose work has been published by companies like Nike, Gap, Avis and U.S. Bank. He also posts nature photography on his popular Instagram account, which currently has over 300,000 followers.

Early life

He has lived in Portland, Oregon.


His eponymous Tumblr blog has been nominated for a Shorty Award for Blog of the Year.

Family of Bryan Daugherty

He has been in a relationship with Emily Joan Greene.

Close associates of Bryan Daugherty

He and Carli Davidson are both photographers from Portland, Oregon.

Regan Kyle Miller

About Regan Kyle Miller

TikTok star and fashion stylist who is best recognized for his comedy skits and costume driven content. He is best recognized for his halloween costume video featuring his friends which earned over 600 thousand likes. 

Early life

He first started sharing lifestyle photos through Instagram in October of 2015 before joining TikTok in September of 2019. 


He is also known for his work as a pastor with TFC SR. High. 

Family of Regan Kyle Miller

He shared a photo with his younger brother to Instagram in July of 2018. 

Close associates of Regan Kyle Miller

He has created viral videos to the music of Travis Scott and GoldLink. 

Hayley Holmes

About Hayley Holmes

Actress and internet star most well known for playing Rachel in the Felicia Day web series The Guild. She has also appeared as a guest star in numerous popular shows from Grey s Anatomy to Good Luck Charlie.

Early life

As a child, her parents enrolled her in community theater and competitive dance to support her love of performance.


In 2008, she made her feature film debut in the movie Ninja Cheerleaders.

Family of Hayley Holmes

She was raised in Covington, Indiana as the youngest of four children.

Close associates of Hayley Holmes

She appeared in the 2009 movie Just Peck alongside Keir Gilchrist and Marcia Cross.

Gabriella Valerio

About Gabriella Valerio

Relatable video creator who has earned more than 90,000 followers by posting various vlogs, green screen videos, comedy content and more. She is known on TikTok by the username ellavalerio_.

Early life

She was part of her high school s cheerleading team.


She was known as gabriellavalerio_ on Instagram and as gabriellavaler0 on Snapchat.

Family of Gabriella Valerio

She is from Long Island, New York.

Close associates of Gabriella Valerio

She tagged Chase Hudson in a video called “personally i see it sometimes but idk.”

Indira Weis

About Indira Weis

German pop singer and actress best known as a member of the POP/R&B group Bro Sis, a band formed by the mega hit German reality series, Popstars.

Early life

As a member of Bro Sis, she participated in the band s first two albums, before announcing her departure from the group in May, 2003.


In addition to her solo career, which includes hits like “Beautiful Destination” and “Hol de Radio,” she has found success as an actress, appearing in movies like 2009 s Snowblind, and TV shows like Ich bin ein Star.

Family of Indira Weis

Born Verena Weis, she earned her nickname “Indira” on a family trip to India as a child. Her mother, Manju, is of Indian descent.

Close associates of Indira Weis

Her debut single was a cover of “When Will There be a Proper Summer Again?” made famous by Dutch entertainer Rudi Carrell.