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Daniel Lutheran

About Daniel Lutheran

Skateboarder who made a name for himself in Toy Machine s Brain Wash. He has over 60,000 followers on his daniellutheran_
Instagram account.

Early life

He became a part of the Vans team in 2011. 


He has been sponsored by Toy Machine, Vans, Vans Apparel, Stance, and Bro Style.

Family of Daniel Lutheran

He is from New Mexico.

Close associates of Daniel Lutheran

One of his favorite fellow skaters is Gilbert Crockett.

Ben Nordberg

About Ben Nordberg

Skateboarder and model for NEXT Models. He has been sponsored by Flip Skateboards, Spitfire Wheels, MOB Grip, and Thunder Trucks.

Early life

He recreated his Twitter account in February 2011.


He has over 100,000 followers on Instagram.

Family of Ben Nordberg

He was born and raised in Bath, England but later moved to Los Angeles to pursue his skateboarding career.

Close associates of Ben Nordberg

He sat next to Nicholas Grimshaw and Jourdan Dunn at a Burberry show in London in 2015.

Lizzie Armanto

About Lizzie Armanto

Four time World Cup Skateboarding champion and X Games gold medalist who became one of the few women to be featured in the Tony Hawk s Pro Skater video game franchise.

Early life

She began dominating the skateboarding game at the age of 17. She began working with Step Up and Skate in 2012.


In 2013, she became the first woman to ever qualify for a men s pro final.

Family of Lizzie Armanto

She was born in Simi Valley, California.

Close associates of Lizzie Armanto

Bucky Lasek praised her when he said “Lizzie s doing a lot, not only for girls skateboarding, but the entire sport.”

Franky Villani

About Franky Villani

Skateboarder who s risen to fame on Instagram. Videos of him performing various skating tricks have won him over 190,000 followers on the platform and he announced in 2018 that he would be joining the Primitive skating team as an amateur. 

Early life

He s lived in Santa Ana, California.


He took 4th place in the Boardr AM Huntington Beach Finals in July of 2018 and he s worked with well-known brands like New Balance Numeric. 

Family of Franky Villani

He s owned a white dog named Noodles.

Close associates of Franky Villani

He s friends with fellow skater Trevor McClung and congratulated McClung on turning professional in March of 2018.

Dale Decker

About Dale Decker

Skateboarder and social media star who earned his largest online fan base on YouTube. His videos featuring skating tips and tricks as well as shoe reviews have helped his channel acquire 180,000 subscribers.

Early life

He uploaded his first YouTube vlog in September 2016.


In April 2018, he broke into an abandoned water park and recorded himself skating down slides.

Family of Dale Decker

He began dating a girl named Claire in 2018.

Close associates of Dale Decker

John Hill and Christopher Chann are other skaters who found fame on social media.

Lacey Baker

About Lacey Baker

Skateboarder who is considered one of the world s top female skateboarders, winning her first X Games gold medal in 2014. She is also the winner of competitions like the Maloof Money Cup and Mystic Skate Cup.

Early life

She started skateboarding at age five and started to gain attention after winning events like the Slam City Jam in 2006.


She was invited to perform tricks on The Captain & Casey Show on Fuel TV in 2008.

Family of Lacey Baker

Her father is T.S.O.L. guitarist Marshall Rohner.

Close associates of Lacey Baker

She and male skateboarder Tom Schaar both won gold medals representing the United States at the 2014 X Games.