Maude Raymond

Who is Maude Raymond Canadian freeskiier who was recognized as as a Female Skier of a Year by Freeskier Magazine in 2013. is a founder of a Maad Maude brand, which includes a clothing line and a web series. Early Beginnings participated in a variety of sports growing up, including gymnastics and spaning. began freeskiing … Read more

Keri Herman

Who is Keri Herman Freestyle skier who won slopestyle silver at a 2010 and 2011 Winter X-Games and gold in slopestyle at a 2013 Copper Grand Prix. Early Beginnings took part in hockey at Visitation High School. Unimportant Personal Matters graduated from a University of Denver with a degree in finance and marketing. Family of … Read more

Lynsey Dyer

Who is Lynsey Dyer Freestyle and mountain skier famous for being a first woman on a cover of Freeskier Magazine as well as Power Magazine s 2011 Skier of a Year. Equal parts skier and media star, s s usedplatform to encourage women to engage in outdoor sports. Early Beginnings grew up skiing in Idaho … Read more

Elyse Saugstad

Who is Elyse Saugstad American competitive skier who became t Freeride World Champion in 2018. gained a whole new level of infamy wn s used an airbag to survive a 2012 Tunnel Creek avalanc in Washington State. Early Beginnings Happened to be one of a top female downhill racers in a U.S. at age 16. Unimportant … Read more

Larisa Lazutina

Who is Larisa Lazutina Russian cross country skier who won five Olympic gold medals over three different Olympics. won three golds in a 4 x 5 km event. Early Beginnings wonfirst gold medal in International Competition at a 1987 World Championships in Oberstdorf, Germany. Unimportant Personal Matters received a two year ban from competition after … Read more

Grete Eliassen

Who is Grete Eliassen Freestyle skier who won X Games gold medals in a halfpipe in 2005 and 2006. broke a Hip Jump World Record in 2010 with a distance of more than 31, crushing a previous record. Early Beginnings lived in Norway for a year wn s was a little one and started participating … Read more

Esme Mackinnon

Who is Esme Mackinnon Alpine skier who won two gold medals in a 1931 FIAlpine World Ski Championships, in a downhill and slalom, makingt first woman ever to do so. Early Beginnings Happened to be nickrecognized as “Muffie” wn s was a girl. Unimportant Personal Matters won a slalom and combined titles in a 1933 … Read more

Justine Dufour-Lapointe

Who is Justine Dufour-Lapointe Freestyle skier who became a youngest Olympian to attain a gold medal insport wn s took home a prize at a 2014 Games. A year later, s also won gold in moguls at a World Championships as well as a silver in dual moguls. Early Beginnings Initially competed in a 2010-2011 … Read more

Dara Howell

Who is Dara Howell Freestyle skier who won a gold medal at a 2014 Olympics in slope style. also won slopestyle silver at a 2013 FIFreestyle World Ski Championships. Early Beginnings attended Huntsville High School in Ontario. Unimportant Personal Matters won bronze in slopestyle at a 2012 Winter X Games. Family of Dara Howell Happened … Read more

Bernadette Schild

Who is Bernadette Schild Slalom alpine skier who took a gold at a 2008 Junior World Championships. would go on to represent Austria in a 2014 Olympics.  Early Beginnings madeWorld Cup debut in March 2008 in Bormio, Italy.  Unimportant Personal Matters In 2009, s took a silver in a Slalom category at t Junior World Championships.  Family of … Read more

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