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Mark Healey

About Mark Healey

Professional big-wave surfer, water sports athlete and filmmaker. He has over 220,000 followers on Instagram.  

Early life

He gained his first surfing sponsorship at age 13 and became a professional surfer at age 17. 


He participates in several other water sports, including spearfishing. He won the Spearfishing World Cup in 2008. 

Family of Mark Healey

His dad was a spearfisher and used to take him along on trips. 

Close associates of Mark Healey

He did surf stunts in the Point Break reboot, Point Break (2015), which starred Edgar Ramirez and Luke Bracey. 

Bruna Kajiya

About Bruna Kajiya

Professional Kiteboarder who is known for winning multiple World Championships. She shares a variety of aesthetically pleasing shots of her surfing at sunset throughout Brazil with her over 80,000 Instagram followers. 

Early life

She first began sharing kitesurfing content to her Instagram in February of 2012. 


She is known for winning the 2017 Red Bull Kitesurfing World Championship. She has also earned recognition and sponsorship from Mystic and Airush. 

Family of Bruna Kajiya

She was born and raised in Brazil. 

Close associates of Bruna Kajiya

Other professional kitesurfers known for competing in World Championships include Nuria Goma and Yulia Vasilieva. 

Maya Gabeira

About Maya Gabeira

Big wave surfer who set a female record in 2009 by riding a 46-foot wave in South Africa.

Early life

She learned to surf on the beaches of her hometown, Rio de Janeiro.


In 2009 she won an ESPY for being the best female action sports athlete.

Family of Maya Gabeira

Her father is Fernando Gabeira, one of the founders of Brazil s Green Party.

Close associates of Maya Gabeira

She earned sponsorship from Red Bull, joining an action sports team that includes Travis Pastrana.

Adriano de Souza

About Adriano de Souza

Professional surfer nicknamed “Mineirinho” who was crowned as the men s World Surf League Surfing World Champion in 2015. He first entered the top 10 on the ASP World Tour in 2008, remaining there for several years.

Early life

He grew up in Sao Paulo, Brazil and began surfing at age 8.


He has been sponsored by Red Bull, Oakley, G-Shock and others. 

Family of Adriano de Souza

He married a woman named Patricia in 2016.

Close associates of Adriano de Souza

He was mentored by surfer Jamie O Brien.

Seth Moniz

About Seth Moniz

Professional surfer who is known for having won an National Scholastic Surfing Association title at the age of 15. He comes from a pedigree of highly esteemed surfers and has amassed over 90,000 followers on Instagram.

Early life

His oldest archived Instagram photo was dated December 19, 2011.


In early 2017 he upset the 11 time world champion surfer Kelly Slater in the The Volcom Pipe Pro event.

Family of Seth Moniz

He is the son of professional surfer Tony Moniz and his brother Josh Moniz is also a surfer.

Close associates of Seth Moniz

He and Bruce Irons both competed in the 2017 Volcom Pipe Pro event.

Leila Hurst

About Leila Hurst

World Surf League professional who would be signed by companies such as Vans, Skullcandy, Zeal Optics, Waikoko and HIC Surfboards. She has held multiple National Titles

Early life

She qualified for the ASP World Junior Tour in every year from 2007 to 2011. She was a member of the Hawaii World Junior Team from 2006 to 2010.


She volunteered with the non-profit Life Rolls On Foundation.

Family of Leila Hurst

She was born and raised on the Island of Kauai.

Close associates of Leila Hurst

She is a friend of fellow surfer Alana Blanchard.