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Lucie Aubrac

About Lucie Aubrac

French history teacher known as one of the most legendary figures of the French Resistance during the Nazi occupation of France. In October 1943, she led an attack on a German truck, freeing many Jewish prisoners in the process.

Early life

She joined the group Lyon, founded by her husband, in resistance to the Nazis.


Her story is so famous that it was made into a film in 1997 called “Lucie Aubrac.”

Family of Lucie Aubrac

She was married to Raymond Aubrac from 1939 to her death in 2007. They had three children.

Close associates of Lucie Aubrac

Her daughter, Elizabeth, is the goddaughter of Communist revolutionary Ho Chi Minh.

Jaime Escalante

About Jaime Escalante

Bolivian-born, California-based math instructor who inspired and motivated his Garfield High School students to succeed.

Early life

He attended California State University Los Angeles and Pasadena City College.


He ascended to fame in 1982, when eighteen of his inner-city students passed the Advanced Placement Calculus examination.

Family of Jaime Escalante

He was the son of Bolivian teachers.

Close associates of Jaime Escalante

He was portrayed by Edward James Olmos in the film Stand and Deliver.

Karel Van de Woestijne

About Karel Van de Woestijne

Author and academic who taught at the University of Ghent and published Laetemsche brieven over de lente in 1901. His later works include Verzamelde gedichten, published in 1953, and Brieven aan Lode Outrop, published in 1985.

Early life

He was a student of Germanic philology at the University of Ghent. During his college years, he also became interested in French Symbolism.


He edited several illustrated magazines between 1896 and 1907.

Family of Karel Van de Woestijne

His brother was the famous painter Gustave van de Woestijne.

Close associates of Karel Van de Woestijne

He never achieved the international fame of fellow Belgian writer Georges Simenon.

Catharine Beecher

About Catharine Beecher

Nineteenth-century American teacher and educational crusader who fought for educational rights for women and also spoke on the value of kindergarten.

Early life

She established the Hartford Female Seminary in 1823 and later moved to Ohio to open several frontier schools.


In 1852, she founded The American Woman s Educational Association.

Family of Catharine Beecher

She was born in East Hampton, New York to Roxanna Foote Beecher and clergyman Lyman Beecher.

Close associates of Catharine Beecher

Her sister, Harriet Beecher Stowe, was a famous novelist and abolitionist.

Hermione Lee

About Hermione Lee

Known for her writings on the lives and works of such prominent literary figures as Virginia Woolf, Eudora Welty, and Philip Roth, this British scholar taught English literature at several institutions of higher education and served as President of Oxford University s Wolfson College.

Early life

After completing undergraduate coursework at St. Hilda s College, Oxford, she earned a Master of Philosophy degree from St. Cross College, Oxford.


She wrote literary reviews for both The New York Review of Books and The Guardian and also hosted an English television program called Book Four.

Family of Hermione Lee

She grew up in London, England, as the daughter of a doctor. She later married University of Leeds Professor John Barnard.

Close associates of Hermione Lee

Her biography of American writer Willa Cather, entitled Willa Cather: A Life Saved Up, was published in 1989.

Jacquelyn Katsis

About Jacquelyn Katsis

English teacher who has gained a huge following to her Ask Jackie YouTube channel. She has earned fame as an English teacher living abroad in Brazil, and for her lessons and cultural vlogging about Brazilian culture. 

Early life

She graduated from the University of Iowa in 2002 with her bachelor s degree in Spanish and secondary education. She later gained her master s degree in school counseling from Roosevelt University in 2007. 


She has amassed more than 700,000 subscribers to her YouTube channel. She has also gained more than 250,000 followers to her askjackiebr Instagram account. 

Family of Jacquelyn Katsis

Her husband s name is Vitor.

Close associates of Jacquelyn Katsis

She has collaborated with Carina Fragozo and Gavin Roy on her YouTube channel.