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Bethany Simpson

About Bethany Simpson

TikTok creator who gained 600,000 followers by sharing interactive content such as karaoke and acting duets. Her videos featuring popular songs have helped her earn 17 million likes on the platform.

Early life

She attended college at Columbia College in Chicago where she studied musical theatre. 


She was interviewed about her interests, education and hobbies by the website Disrupt.

Family of Bethany Simpson

She is tagged in Instagram photos with her father Ty Simpson while at concerts and other events.

Close associates of Bethany Simpson

She posted a TikTok dancing outdoors on the grass to the song “Gimme More” by Britney Spears.

Coral Diaz

About Coral Diaz

Mexican TikTok star famous for posting comedy videos. Her coral_diaz17 account has gained 1.5 million followers and 27 million likes. 

Early life

She began posting to TikTok on November 24, 2020. 


She posts selfies on her coral_diaz_15 Instagram account, which has amassed 80,000 followers. 

Family of Coral Diaz

She posted a video of her mother on July 15, 2021. 

Close associates of Coral Diaz

She posted a video featuring audio by Benji Krol.

Karissa Stevens

About Karissa Stevens

TikTok star famous for posting comedy, food and prank videos. Her karissaastevens account has gained 1.5 million followers and 63 million likes. 

Early life

She began posting to TikTok on April 4, 2020. 


She posts selfies and photos with her friends and family on her karissastevens_ Instagram page, which has amassed 10,000 followers. 

Family of Karissa Stevens

She has posted several videos and photos of her husband. 

Close associates of Karissa Stevens

She posted a video featuring music by Bo Burnham.

Roberto Arocho

About Roberto Arocho

Earning his largest fan base on the platform TikTok, he is a social media influencer notable for his comedy and challenge content on the aforementioned app where he has 30,000 fans. His username on TikTok and various other platforms is itsok.rob.

Early life

He began to expand his social media reach across various networks in 2016.


He created an account under the named limitless_111 on Snapchat.

Family of Roberto Arocho

He is from Fairfield, Connecticut.

Close associates of Roberto Arocho

He often uses audio created by Gorka Garcia and Andrie Carigo for his videos.

Juan Tristan Rangel

About Juan Tristan Rangel

Comedy content creator who rose to fame by sharing videos on his itsjuanrangel TikTok account. His relatable and entertaining antics have helped him amass more than 130,000 fans on the platform.

Early life

He played soccer prior to starting social media in 2017.


He was recognized for his curly hair. His friends gave him the nickname ElBroccoli. 

Family of Juan Tristan Rangel

He has two brothers and a sister. 

Close associates of Juan Tristan Rangel

Both he and fellow TikTok personality Mariano Castano were born in Mexico. 

Layton Gohn

About Layton Gohn

Social media star best known for the fitness and comedy videos he posts to his defonotlayton TikTok account. His videos have earned him over 20,000 followers on the app. 

Early life

He launched his TikTok account in July 2019. His former TikTok handle was laytongohn.


He has gained over 50,000 followers on his laytongohn Instagram account. 

Family of Layton Gohn

His sister has appeared on his Instagram account. His mother passed away when he was 14 years old.

Close associates of Layton Gohn

He posted a TikTok video set to the Roddy Ricch song “The Box” in February 2020.