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Gracie Cole

About Gracie Cole

Well-known female trumpeter who performed with the Squadronaires.

Early life

Her father taught her how to play cornet when she was twelve years old and she was invited to play on the BBC Radio for Children s Hour.


She performed as the lead trumpet and soloist for Ivy Benson s band in November 1945 and toured with them for five years.

Family of Gracie Cole

She married a trombonist named Bill Geldard in 1951.

Close associates of Gracie Cole

Her all-female band, which performed from 1952 to 1956, broadcast with many different vocalists, including Cleo Laine.

Ingrid Jensen

About Ingrid Jensen

Juno-nominated jazz trumpeter known for her collaborations with the Maria Schneider Jazz Orchestra. Her solo albums include Higher Grounds, Vernal Fields, and Here on Earth.

Early life

She attended both the Berklee College of Music and Malaspina University.


She was one of a group of back-up musicians to perform with comedian Denis Leary.

Family of Ingrid Jensen

She married drummer Jon Wikan. Her sister Christine also had a career as a musician (saxophonist).

Close associates of Ingrid Jensen

She performed with Corinne Rae on Saturday Night Live.

Hannibal Lokumbe

About Hannibal Lokumbe

Composer whose oratorio “African Portraits” has been performed more than fifty times by large orchestras.

Early life

He graduated from North Texas State University.


He was the recipient of a 2009 Fellow Award in Music from United States Artists.

Family of Hannibal Lokumbe

He was born Marvin Peterson and raised in Smithville, Texas.

Close associates of Hannibal Lokumbe

He recorded an album called Live at the Village Vanguard with Elvin Jones.

Cindy Bradley

About Cindy Bradley

Known for her work on both the flugelhorn and the jazz trumpet, Bradley is perhaps most famous for performing live on a hot pink-colored “flumpet” (a hybrid version of the two instruments). Her albums include Bloom and Bliss (released in 2009 and 2014, respectively).

Early life

She studied jazz at Ithaca College and trumpet at the New England Conservatory. She released her first jazz album, Just A Little Bit, in 2007.


Her numerous honors include a 2010 American Smooth Jazz Award and two 2011 Oasis Contemporary Jazz Awards.

Family of Cindy Bradley

She was born and raised in North Tonawanda, New York.

Close associates of Cindy Bradley

She was greatly influenced by the work of fellow jazz trumpeter Freddie Hubbard.

Freddie Keppard

About Freddie Keppard

An early jazz cornetist known for his performances with the Original Creole Orchestra.

Early life

He started playing cornet after learning a variety of other instruments.


He took Buddy Bolden s place in Frankie Dusen s Eagle Band.

Family of Freddie Keppard

He grew up in New Orleans in the Creole of Color community.

Close associates of Freddie Keppard

He was well-respected by Jelly Roll Morton.

Freddie Hubbard

About Freddie Hubbard

Influential jazz trumpeter who inspired many modern jazz and bebop artists.

Early life

He played mellophone and trumpet at Arsenal Technical High School and moved to New York when he was twenty to further his trumpet playing career.


He received a NEA Jazz Masters Award in 2006.

Family of Freddie Hubbard

He was born and raised in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Close associates of Freddie Hubbard

He performed with many of the best names in jazz, including Quincy Jones.