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Hayley Faith Negrin

About Hayley Faith Negrin

Voice actress who earned her big break portraying title character Peg in the PBS Kids series Peg+Cat.

Early life

Though she was a performer from a very young age, she didn t gain ground in her career until she appeared in a national commercial for Verizon in 2010.


In 2014, she won a Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Performer in an Animated Program, beating out the other nominees all of whom were older than she.

Family of Hayley Faith Negrin

Born in New York City, she later lived with her family in Weston, Connecticut.

Close associates of Hayley Faith Negrin

Dwayne Hill and Christian Distefano are also voice actors for Peg+Cat.

Lizzie Waterworth

About Lizzie Waterworth

Voice actress who voiced the character Clifford in the TV series Clifford s Puppy Days and Franklin the Turtle in the TV show Franklin.

Early life

She voiced the character Dylan in the TV mini-series Famous 5: On the Case.


She began voicing Henry in the TV series Horrid Henry in 2006. For her work on the show, she was nominated for a BAFTA award in 2019.

Family of Lizzie Waterworth

She was born in England.

Close associates of Lizzie Waterworth

She voiced a character in the animated TV series The Backyardigans, which starred Jake Goldberg.

Mari Natsuki

About Mari Natsuki

Japanese actress and singer who became known for providing the voice of Yubaba in the popular animated film Spirited Away.

Early life

She was born in Tokyo with the name Junko Nakajima and started singing at a young age.


She starred in musical theatre productions by director Yukio Ninagawa.

Family of Mari Natsuki

She married percussionist Nobu Saitō in 2011.

Close associates of Mari Natsuki

Her 2001 film, Spirited Away, contained music from composer Joe Hisaishi.

Kira Buckland

About Kira Buckland

Voice actress known for her work in anime series like JoJo s Bizarre Adventure and Demon Slayer. 

Early life

She founded the anime conference Senshi-Con, while she was still a high school student.


She won the Anime Expo 2007 AX Idol Voice Acting competition.

Family of Kira Buckland

She has a cat. 

Close associates of Kira Buckland

She and Wendee Lee are both known for their voice over work in anime.

Jill Talley

About Jill Talley

American actress and voice actor who brought life to animated characters on SpongeBob SquarePants, American Dad and The Boondocks.

Early life

She began her career as a improv performer at Chicago s The Second City venue.


She has had film roles in the 2006 film Little Miss Sunshine and 2000 s The Ladies Man.

Family of Jill Talley

She married Tom Kenny in 1995 and the couple had two children together, Mack and Nora.

Close associates of Jill Talley

She did voice acting with Regina King on the Adult Swim series The Boondocks.

Jennifer Hale

About Jennifer Hale

Prominent American video game and animated film voice actress who provided voices for characters in Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, Diablo III, and Metal Gear Solid.

Early life

She had her first acting role at age 16 in A Father s Homecoming, a TV movie.


Video game fans came to know her for voice acting in the Mass Effect trilogy.

Family of Jennifer Hale

She married Barry Bostwick in 2009.

Close associates of Jennifer Hale

She did voice acting with Chuck McCann for the animated Iron Man series.