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Name Alexandr Misko
Profession Guitarist
Date of Birth 1997-11-28
Place of Birth Russia
Death Date
Birth Sign Sagittarius

About Alexandr Misko

Virtuosic guitarist who rose to fame after his finger-tapped version of Michael Jackson s “Billie Jean” appeared on Facebook and went viral. His YouTube channel features similar covers and has garnered a whopping 60 million views. 

Alexandr Misko

His first Instagram post appeared in 2015 and features him on a Russian talk show. 

Knowledge Base

He released an original album after going viral in 2016, and his second album featured both covers and original music. 

He s originally from Krasnodar, Russia. 

His influences include Steve Reich, Philip Glass, Jon Gomm, Don Ross, Cloudkicker and Decapitated. 

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  1. I might think, INFP as was... Shakespeare and... Charles Schultz.