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Are involved in what is happening outside and around them
Are immersed in own world of thoughts and feelings
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Wonder mostly about the past or the future
See everyone and sense everything

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You connect deeply with others, sharing their joys and sorrows as your own. You share your feelings freely, fostering connection.

You approach the world with logic and reason, seeking clarity and understanding. You focus on facts and enjoy dissecting puzzles and historical events.

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Plan ahead but act impulsively following the situation
Plan a schedule ahead and tend to follow it


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About Mark Schultz

After winning gold in the freestyle wrestling event at the 1984 Los Angeles Summer Olympics, Schultz won the 1985 and 1987 World Wrestling Championships and placed first in the wrestling event at the 1987 Pan American Games. After retiring from wrestling, he became a mixed martial artist with the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).

During his time at California s Palo Alto High School, he won the Northern California All-Around Gymnastics Championship before shifting his focus to wrestling. While at the University of Oklahoma, he won three National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) wrestling championships.

He coached the wrestling team at Brigham Young University.

Mark Schultz

The son of Philip Gary Schultz and Dorothy Jean St. Germain, he spent his youth in Palo Alto, California and Ashland, Oregon. Before ending in spanorce, his marriage produced three children.

Mark Schultz

His older brother, Dave Schultz, was also a World Wrestling Championship winner and Olympic gold medalist. Tragically, the elder Schultz was murdered in 1996 by philanthropist John du Pont.

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  1. I might think, INFP as was... Shakespeare and... Charles Schultz.