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Are involved in what is happening outside and around them
Are immersed in own world of thoughts and feelings
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Wonder mostly about the past or the future
See everyone and sense everything

Question 3 of 4 – What can you relate to the most?

You connect deeply with others, sharing their joys and sorrows as your own. You share your feelings freely, fostering connection.

You approach the world with logic and reason, seeking clarity and understanding. You focus on facts and enjoy dissecting puzzles and historical events.

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Plan ahead but act impulsively following the situation
Plan a schedule ahead and tend to follow it


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About Pat Kiernan

A morning news anchor for local New York City station, NY1, and for presenting Crowd Rules and The World Series of Pop Culture. 

He went to the University of Alberta, where he majored in business and soon got his start in broadcasting at radio station CKRA-FM. 

He made stints as a reporter, and played himself in the films Iron Man 3, True North, and Night at the Museum. He was also cast in the 2016 reboot Ghostbusters.

Pat Kiernan

He married Dawn Lerohl in 1994 and they have two daughters named Maeve and Lucy.

Pat Kiernan

He appeared in Iron Man 3 with Robert Downey Jr.

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