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Booka 600, ENTJ • There was 1 vote cast.

Which MBTI personality type do you think is Booka 600?

Booka 600 correct type : There are 16 personality types (based on Jung, Myers Briggs, and character traits). The top votes from our followers who selected their preferred matched MBTI type are displayed in the results below. Total of 1 MBTI votes.

According to the results of the MBTI, Booka 600 is an ENTJ Myers-Briggs personality type. However, one people have cast ballots so far, representing 100% of the total.

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Average MBTI Type by functions: Te,Ni,Se,Fi
#Pos Func Description
Dom Te Extroverted Thinking, Practical Logic
Aux Ni Introverted Intuition, Temporal Intuition & Time
Tert Se Extroverted Sensing, Force/Power
Inf Fi Introverted Feeling, Relational Ethics

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Books: “The Road Back To You” by Ian Morgan Cron and Suzanne Stabile “The Wisdom of the Enneagram” by Don Richard Riso and Russ Hudson “The Complete Enneagram: 27 Paths to Greater Self-Knowledge” by Beatrice Chestnut “The Sacred Enneagram Enneagram: Finding Your Unique Path to Spiritual Growth” by Christopher L. Heuertz

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About Booka 600

Rapper known for his genre of Drill Music in the underground rap scene. He rose to prominence with his SixLife mixtape, along with singles “Free My Squad” and “Real Shit.” In 2021, he was featured in an album dropped by fellow rapper Lil Durk.

Early life

He was a member of the Black Disciples gang from the 600 set, which is where his stage name came from.


He s also had success with his single “Hardbody” in 2016.

Family of Booka 600

He was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois.

Close associates of Booka 600

He rapper with Juice Da Savage for the single “Free My Squad,” which is an ode to the 600 rappers.

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