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Don Budge, ISTP • There was 1 vote cast.

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According to the results of the MBTI, Don Budge is an ISTP Myers-Briggs personality type. However, one people have cast ballots so far, representing 100% of the total.

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Average MBTI Type by functions: Ti,Se,Ni,Fe
#Pos Func Description
Dom Ti Introverted Thinking, Structural Logic
Aux Se Extroverted Sensing, Force/Power
Tert Ni Introverted Intuition, Temporal Intuition & Time
Inf Fe Extroverted Feeling, Ethics & Emotions

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TYPE 3: THE PERFORMER Threes channel their emotional energy into getting things done. They take the initiative and work hard to accomplish their goals. Highly adaptable, they excel at “feeling out” and meeting the expectations of others when that will lead them to success. Threes like to stay active and on the go, so they find it hard to stop or slow down. Their focus on keeping up their image and achieving results can get in the way of personal needs and health. In American business, a particularly strong Three culture, performers get a lot of positive reinforcement for being productive and efficient. A danger for Threes is concentrating on external praise or material rewards while losing contact with who they are inside. It’s difficult for them to step out of their roles, feel their feelings, and decide for themselves what is important. • Strengths: Successful, energetic, high achiever • Problems: Overworked, impatient, competitive • Speaking style: Enthusiastic, motivating themselves and others for success • Lower emotional habit: Vanity, based on keeping up a good image and always being successful • Higher emotion: Truthfulness, the willingness to go beyond appearances and develop personal authenticity • Archetypal challenge: To let go of image and social persona and find one’s inner essence

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About Don Budge

Tennis great who had an epic run when he won six consecutive Grand Slam titles.

Early life

He dropped out of Berkeley to play on the Davis Cup team.


His backhand helped him hold the #1 ranking for five years.

Family of Don Budge

He drifted apart from his wife, the mother of his first two children, eventually spanorcing her; he married his second wife, Loriel, in 1974.

Close associates of Don Budge

His record six Grand Slam championships has never been equaled, not even by Roger Federer.

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