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Irene McCormack, ESTJ • There was 1 vote cast.

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According to the results of the MBTI, Irene McCormack is an ESTJ Myers-Briggs personality type. However, one people have cast ballots so far, representing 100% of the total.

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Average MBTI Type by functions: Te,Si,Ne,Fi
#Pos Func Description
Dom Te Extroverted Thinking, Practical Logic
Aux Si Introverted Sensing, Experiential Sensing
Tert Ne Extroverted Intuition, Intuition of Possibilities & Ideas
Inf Fi Introverted Feeling, Relational Ethics

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The more we are driven by our fear and defensiveness, the less healthy we are within our number. On the other hand, the more we are aware of our automatic habits and unexamined belief systems, the more we are able to lay them down and work towards health. When this happens, we become the absolute best version of our number. We are able to utilize the amazing strengths of our number, without being addicted to a certain desire or controlled by a certain fear of our number

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About Irene McCormack

Remembered for her missionary work in Peru with the Sisters of St. Joseph of the Sacred Heart, McCormack was murdered by members of a Peruvian Communist guerrilla group.

Early life

After becoming a member of the Sisters of St. Joseph at age nineteen, she had a three-decade teaching career in her native Australia. She began her Peruvian missionary work in the late 1980s.


She was an avid amateur tennis player and golfer.

Family of Irene McCormack

She was born in the western Australian farming town of Kununoppin, and she attended boarding school in Attadale.

Close associates of Irene McCormack

She and American Protestant missionary John Birch were both executed by communist-affiliated groups.

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