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Kingston Foster , INFP • There was 1 vote cast.

Which MBTI personality type do you think is Kingston Foster ?

Kingston Foster correct type : There are 16 personality types (based on Jung, Myers Briggs, and character traits). The top votes from our followers who selected their preferred matched MBTI type are displayed in the results below. Total of 1 MBTI votes.

According to the results of the MBTI, Kingston Foster is an ISTP Myers-Briggs personality type. However, one people have cast ballots so far, representing 17% of the total.

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Average MBTI Type by functions: Ti,Se,Ni,Fe
#Pos Func Description
Dom Ti Introverted Thinking, Structural Logic
Aux Se Extroverted Sensing, Force/Power
Tert Ni Introverted Intuition, Temporal Intuition & Time
Inf Fe Extroverted Feeling, Ethics & Emotions

Kingston Foster Enneagram type?

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1w9 (1) 1w9 (1) 100%

Most preferred Enneagram: 1w9

The Enneagram (Any-a-gram) “Self-knowledge is tied with inner work, which is both demanding and painful. Change occurs amid birth pangs. It takes courage to walk such a path. Many avoid the path of self-knowledge because they are afraid of being swallowed up in their own abysses. But Christians have confidence that Christ has lived through all the abysses of human life and that he goes with us when we dare to engage in such confrontation with ourselves.” -Andreas Ebert

Kingston Foster Instinctual?

Instinctual votes ( 1)

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sx/sp (1) sx/sp (1) 100%

Most voted Instinctual type: sx/s

Kingston Foster Temperaments?

Temperaments votes (1)

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Sanguine [Dominant] (1) Sanguine [Dominant] (1) 100%

Concluded Temperaments: Sang

Name Kingston Foster
Profession TV Actress
Date of Birth 2010-07-26
Place of Birth United States
Death Date
Birth Sign Leo

About Kingston Foster

Actress who rose to fame for her lead role as Cindy in the film, Bitch. She s also gained television roles for popular series such as Days of Our Lives, Fuller House and Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders. She also starred in the TV movie Zombies in 2018.

Early Life of Kingston Foster

She made her acting debut at the age of five in 2016.


She s also a dancer and trained in ballet, modern, tap and jazz.

Family Life

She has a brother named Greyson whose also an actor and dancer.

Associated With

She appeared in the film Bitch starring Jaime King and Jason Ritter.

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