ENFp s are normally either tall and often quiet even though they are extrovert or short and full figured. The latter are more movable and energetic and their gait is quick and erratic. ENFp s often walk with their feet apart. Slim ENFp s often have a crafty look in their eyes. Sometimes, when they are inactive, their faces can have an astonished look about them.

Generally ENFp s have straight proportional noses. Full figured ENFp s have corpulent faces and quite often a nice smile. Their facial structure is rather round with softer edges. They seem to always be in a good mood. They like to have fun, to laugh and to joke. They can also have flashing eyes which combines very well with their overall playful disposition. ENFp s pay great attention to their appearance.

ENFp s choice of clothes and accessories are quite characteristic especially in women. They often neglect some part of their outfit which can give a romantic and liberated feeling to their style. All ENFp s dress in a way that indicates a sense of the theatrical.

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