ENTj s often have full lips and a characteristic salesman like smile. Their bone structures normally give them their square shape figures. Their faces too are often square in shape and the facial structure itself often has many small details. Their eyes are constantly darting about rarely remaining on one object for any period of time. ENTj s typically tend to have a bouncing gait. The more hyperactive they are the more noticeable this becomes.

ENTj s like expensive, good quality clothes, however they can find it difficult to effectively combine their wardrobe. This is especially noticeable in ENTj males. They are very attracted to bright color combinations and may combine two or three styles together. However, their aesthetic understanding is not usually very well developed and therefore they may find difficult to work where aesthetics play an important role. ENTj s often wear the same clothes for long periods giving the impression that they have just come back from a long trip and haven t had time to change.

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List of Verified Famous people with ENTJ MBTI Personality type

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