ENTp’s normally have a long, slim figure. Other parts of the body are also stretched, especially the legs and fingers. They often have rounded shoulders. Sometimes ENTp’s have a characteristic inwardly sloping chin. Because of their particular physical structure their clothes always seem to fit pretty badly, often slipping down and hanging off them in an unflattering manner. Their buttons also seem to have a habit of falling off.

ENTp’s usually have a distant, far away look in their eyes and it often seems as though they are paying little attention to what is going on. During conversation ENTp’s like to play with objects, like a pen for example, often accidentally breaking it. They may gesticulate when passionately telling a story.

ILE \ ENTp Faces Example: 

Famous ILE \ ENTp’s: 

Yumeko Jabami

A girl who transfers into Hyakkaou Private Academy. She might look like an attractive young lady, but she is actually ...
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Alexander the Great

About King of the ancient Greek kingdom of Macedon and member of the Argead dynasty. He created one of the largest empires ...
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Neil Patrick Harris

Name Neil Patrick Harris Profession TV Actor Date of Birth 1973-06-15 Place of Birth Albuquerque, NM Age Death Date Birth ...
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Rowan Atkinson

Name Rowan Atkinson Profession Movie Actor Date of Birth 1955-01-06 Place of Birth Consett, England Age Death Date Birth Sign ...
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David Goggins

Name David Goggins Profession Runner Date of Birth 1975-02-17 Place of Birth Buffalo, NY Age Death Date Birth Sign Aquarius ...
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Hugh Grant

Name Hugh Grant Profession Movie Actor Date of Birth 1960-09-09 Place of Birth London, England Age Death Date Birth Sign ...
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Steve Wozniak

Name Steve Wozniak Profession Entrepreneur Date of Birth 1950-08-11 Place of Birth San Jose, CA Age Death Date Birth Sign ...
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Damiano David

Name Damiano David Profession Rock Singer Date of Birth 1999-01-08 Place of Birth Rome, Italy Age Death Date Birth Sign ...
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