ESFjs s usually have a straight, upright posture and the body itself is often firm and slim. In fact it is rare to find an ESFj with a full figure, especially a male. Their figure can also be somewhat elongated. ESFjs s have a wide range of facial expressions. When receiving logical information they react with a look of extreme concentration. ESFj s facial details are usually fine but proportional. They like to tell stories emotionally and in details. Some preferred topics of conversations are movies, art and books.

ESFjs s also can show a wide range of emotions during conversation. They have very characteristic negative emotions, periodically showing indignation which can flare up without warning and which can die down just as quickly. Their negative behaviour often cannot be explained logically as they can create a drama from something that may seem unimportant. During conversation ESFjs s pay close attention to the ethics and good behaviour of others. They like to give ethical evaluations and analyses on who behaved well and who did not. They also watch that the norms of politeness are obeyed. ESFjs s react negatively to people who do not obey ethical norms. This is why others can sometimes consider them to be confrontational and difficult to live with. Many people believe ESFjs s could be very demanding and tactless.

ESE \ ESFj Faces Example: 

Famous ESE \ ESFj s: 

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