ESTj s have a characteristic upright posture often appearing as if their backs are inflexible giving the impression that they are executing a military drill. In many cases ESTj s are slim. However, larger ESTj s are not exceptional, especially when applied to women. But even in these cases the figure retains its characteristic upright posture.

Their gait and movements are sharp, tense and jerky showing an internal tension synonymous to this type. ESTj s find it difficult to remain in the same position for extended periods and will often shift about during conversation. Their clothes are mainly executive or classical in style. Men prefer the traditional suit and tie. When choosing clothes ESTj s will pay much more attention to comfort and quality than to the latest fashion. Female ESTj s do not often wear extravagant things. Even if they do try to follow fashion their choices will always maintain an element of conservatism.

In general ESTj s are very careful and cautious with their clothes. Their clothing is always neat and clean. They may keep clothes for a long time and know well how to preserve them. Even if some items are quite old they still may look like new. ESTj s do not like untidiness and carelessness in their appearance and in general. Trousers are always ironed, shoes polished, etc.

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