ESTp’s generally have either slim figures or firm and solid figures. Slim ESTp’s have slow and phlegmatic movements, giving the impression of calmness and self-confidence. Females often have a fragile appearance. Solid ESTp’s have free and flexible movements. When standing in one place they tend to wriggle rhythmically as if they have a slight electric current running through them.

Their eyebrows are often asymmetrical. When ESTp’s want to show their dissatisfaction they frown as if they are angry. Older ESTp’s often become puffy and swollen around the eyes. They also have a tendency to squint. Their noses are usually quite wide at the base and their jaws are also large and square. They may have thick, immobile lips, making their speech somewhat garbled.

ESTp’s rarely wear eye-catching clothes. They try to maintain a neutral style of clothes, steering away from fashion. Females prefer not to wear very bright or colourful clothing. Males have an inclination to official styles of clothing such as suits etc. ESTp’s generally prefer to remain in the shadows.

SLE \ ESTp Faces Example: 

Famous SLE \ ESTp‘s:

List of Verified Famous people with ESTP MBTI Personality type.


Movie Actor Jack Nicholson

Name Jack Nicholson Profession Movie Actor Date of Birth 1937-04-22 Place of Birth New Jersey Age Death Date Birth Sign ...
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Movie Actor Eddie Murphy

Name Eddie Murphy Profession Movie Actor Date of Birth 1961-04-03 Place of Birth New York City, NY Age Death Date ...
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Diego Maradona

Name Diego Maradona Profession Soccer Player Date of Birth 1960-10-30 Place of Birth Buenos Aires, Argentina Age Death Date Birth ...
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Pope Benedict XVI

Name Pope Benedict XVI Profession Religious Leader Date of Birth 1927-04-16 Place of Birth Marktl, Germany Age Death Date Birth ...
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Joan Rivers

Name Joan Rivers Profession TV Show Host Date of Birth 1933-06-08 Place of Birth New York City, NY Age 81 ...
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Angelina Jolie

Name Angelina Jolie Profession Movie Actress Date of Birth 1975-06-04 Place of Birth Los Angeles, CA Age Death Date Birth ...
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Name Madonna Profession Pop Singer Date of Birth 1958-08-16 Place of Birth Bay City, MI Age Death Date Birth Sign ...
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Conor McGregor

Net Worth: $85 million - 2018 Quotes: “Doubt is only removed by action. ... “I'm just going to keep doing ...
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