What personality type is EVERTON COACH - Sam Allardyce?

MBTI (Myers–Briggs Type Indicator) of EVERTON COACH - Sam Allardyce

Final result: INFJ

The Myers–Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is an introspective self-report questionnaire indicating differing psychological preferences in how people perceive the world and make decisions.

What personality type is EVERTON COACH - Sam Allardyce?

Total MBTI votes: (262) Reactions

ESFP (24)

ESFJ (24)

ENTP (23)

INFJ (21)

ISFJ (20)

Why is EVERTON COACH - Sam Allardyce typed INFJ?

Average Type by functions: Ni,Fe,Ti,Se

Dom Ni Introverted Intuition, Temporal Intuition & Time
Aux Fe Extroverted Feeling, Ethics & Emotions
Tert Ti Introverted Thinking, Structural Logic
Inf Se Extroverted Sensing, Force/Power

Enneagram Type of EVERTON COACH - Sam Allardyce

The Enneagram of Personality, or simply the Enneagram, is a model of the human psyche which is principally understood and taught as a typology of nine interconnected personality types.

Enneagram votes: (0)

EVERTON COACH - Sam Allardyce is most certainly an Enneatype

Instinctual Type of EVERTON COACH - Sam Allardyce

Instincts are defined as non-learned, inherited (genetic) patterns of behavior generally ensuring the survival of a species. Common examples include spinning a web by a spider, nest building and other maternal activities, migration patterns of animals, social behavior in pack animals.

Instinctual votes (0)

EVERTON COACH - Sam Allardyce is an Instinctual type

Alignment Type of EVERTON COACH - Sam Allardyce

On the basis of principles of balance theory and interdependence theory, this research examined a phenomenon termed attitude alignment, or the tendency of interacting partners to modify their attitudes in such a manner as to achieve attitudinal congruence.

Alignment votes: (0)

EVERTON COACH - Sam Allardyce is an Alignment type

Temperament Type of EVERTON COACH - Sam Allardyce

Temperament, in psychology, an aspect of personality concerned with emotional dispositions and reactions and their speed and intensity; the term often is used to refer to the prevailing mood or mood pattern of a person.

Temperaments votes (0)

EVERTON COACH - Sam Allardyce is Temperament type

Socio-Type of EVERTON COACH - Sam Allardyce

Total Socionics votes: (262)

Socionics, in psychology and sociology, is a pseudoscientific theory of information processing and personality types. It is distinguished by its information model of the psyche and a model of interpersonal relations.

SEE (ESFp) (24)

ESE (ESFj) (24)

ILE (ENTp) (23)

EVERTON COACH - Sam Allardyce is Socio-type ESI


Left handed or a right handed?


  • Country of Birth


  • Status


  • Joined Club


    30 November 2017
  • Age


    63 years 74 days
  • Date of Birth


  • Premier League Seasons


  • Premier League Debut Match
    Leicester City (a), 
    18 August 2001, Won 5 – 0

    Team From To
    Everton November 2017  
    Crystal Palace December 2016 May 2017
    England July 2016 September 2016
    Sunderland October 2015 July 2016
    West Ham United June 2011 June 2015
    Blackburn Rovers December 2008 December 2010
    Newcastle United July 2007 January 2008
    Bolton Wanderers October 1999 April 2007


    Club Domestic
    League Cup Runner-up 1x 2003/2004

Manager Bio

Sam Allardyce is the manager of Everton, his seventh Premier League club – a competition record.

Allardyce made his managerial bow in the Premier League with Bolton Wanderers, where he spent much of his playing career. The Englishman also represented Millwall, Coventry City, Preston North End and even Sunderland between 1980-81.

Having turned his hand to management, Allardyce would achieve promotion to the top flight with Bolton in his second season in charge during the  2000/01 campaign. 

After two seasons securing Bolton’s safety in the Premier League, an eighth-place finish followed in the 2003/04 campaign.

That feat was bettered in 2004/05 as Bolton finished sixth in the table and subsequently qualified for the UEFA Europa League. 

In 2007 he was appointed Newcastle United manager after eight successful years with Bolton and although he parted company with the Magpies in January 2008, he was back in management in the Premier League with Blackburn Rovers the next season.

Two mid-table finishes followed for Rovers under his guidance before he departed the Lancashire club in December 2010.

Appointed West Ham United manager in June 2011 after the Hammers were relegated from the Premier League, Allardyce was given the job of returning the club straight back to the top flight of English football.

He fulfilled that task as West Ham beat Blackpool in the Championship Play-off Final at Wembley Stadium, with West Ham then securing safety in the 2012/13 Premier League season with two matches to spare.

After a 13th-place finish was followed by another mid-table position at the end of the 2014/15 season, Allardyce departed West Ham as his contract expired.

It led to him taking charge of his fifth Premier League club as Sunderland were seeking a replacement for Dick Advocaat.

After being appointed in October 2015, Allardyce successfully avoided relegation as the Black Cats lost only one of the final 11 matches.

Prior to the 2016/17 season, Allardyce was chosen as the next England manager with Sunderland announcing the departure of “Big Sam” on 22 July 2016 before leaving the national job two months later.

He took over as manager of Crystal Palace on 23 December 2016, a day after the departure of Alan Pardew, with the club lying in 17th position in the Premier League with 15 points from 17 matches.

Palace recorded victories over Chelsea, Arsenal and Liverpool under Allardyce to help the club achieve another season in the top flight, but he announced his departure at the end of the season to take a break from football.

On 30 November 2017, Allardyce was announced as Everton manager.


Tags: Coach Tactics

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